dell laptop linux question...


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2001
dell latitude c540
mandrake 9.2

while i'm in KDE if i plug in or unplug the ac power cord from my laptop the system locks up. it will not allow me to use the mouse or keyboard. i've waited for 15 minutes and nothing changes. i have to power off the system the hard way then have mandrake run the system check whenever i reboot. this is not good for linux i know so i'm trying to solve my problem.

any suggestions on where to start or who to talk to, too get help?
Which version of linux are you running, Mandrake and SuSe have forums for answering all sorts of questions, trust me I'm there alot:D

I'm sure that Redhat has one also, but have never looked.

Also Linux Format, Linux Journal, have forums and free help by way of e-mail.

Linuxnewbies is another site to help.

I know just enough about Linux to be dangerous :D

hope this helps.
goto the website listed in my sig... and there are alot of forums for your distro and probably laptop they can answer your question
Might also try something fast and simple like overclockix (a version of Knoppix) to see if it is the system or the OS. Knoppix boots off a CD, so no HD space is needed, and it autodetects all hardware. Just use a screen flag to set resolution at boot (ie: knoppix screen=1024x768)

Google overclockix for the best one.