Dell Inspiron 9200


Jul 2, 2003
I'm not a very big laptop guy, but with so many projects requiring matlab and pspice at school, I decided a laptop would be very helpful. I looked around for a week or two finding not only the best laptop for my needs, but also something easy on the eyes.

I've never been a big Dell fan either, but once I saw the 6000/9200 series, I was sold on the looks alone. My experience with this laptop has been nothing but remarkable. This laptop is even more beautiful in your hands than it is on their site. The mobile 9700 is very nice, although I haven't had much of a chance to really play any good games on it. The 17" screen is unreal, the thing is simply a monster and the picture quality is amazing.

There are only a few things I didn't like about ordering from Dell. First of all, taxes are a bitch, and they do a very good job of not telling you you have to pay them until you're at the last payment screen. Their order status is horrible to say the least. Upon ordering from them (with expected ship date only a week after from ordering) I saw that the earliest ship date was a month away. I received the notebook only a week after ordering though, but it's pretty obvious they do that to get your hopes up, then they 'save the day' by getting it to you on time.

Enough ranting, this laptop is great. Stylish, beastly, and fairly light (only 7.5lb). If you want to do word processing and some gaming as well, this lappy is worth every penny :)

Anyone who owns one have any thoughts ?


Mar 16, 2000
I own one and it's basicly stock, with the exception of a Hitachi 60GB 72K drive and 1GB of Corsair...
I use it as my main machine.
I love it...
The only thing about my 9200 I don't really like is the keyboard..I can live with it, but I wish it were abit bigger...


Oct 28, 2001
can you check and see if they put the HDD and ODD on the SAME IDE ch? they did that with the inspiron 8000, how stupid is that? the 2nd ch has NOTHING on it. im pretty sure dell smartened up by now though


Feb 6, 2001
Just a note, the 9200 has been taken off Dell's lineup and replaced by the 9300. Main difference? Now you can order it with a x300 or go6800 video card, and the screens are the "TruLife" glossy versions.

The Donut

Jan 28, 2003
I love my 9200. It's been with me on my business travels and I love watching movies on the long journeys on the 17" screen. :)

The 4 speakers and the sub make sound one of the best i've heard on a laptop, it's not desktop sound, but it's pretty clear and has a nice level of clarity.