Dell 5324 or HP 1800-24G?


Jun 20, 2004
Ok, so my home network is pretty crazy. I'm sure it doesn't hold a candle to some of you guys, but I bet it's more complex than average. I've got AT&T Uverse and am using my network for both internet/file sharing and IPTV distribution. I am possibly going to add HDMI over IP soon. I'm using VLAN's to keep the IPTV separate from the computer network. I've also got satellite switches connected with LAG trunks and VLAN tagging in my home theater, office, bedroom, etc. I picked up a Dell 5324 off ebay for a steal a while back and have it setup as my core switch right now. Before that I was using a HP 1800-24G, it's just sitting spare right now.

Networking guru's - which is better suited for my needs? I'd like to use the HP since it's fanless, the Dell's a little loud. Other than noise, is one better than the other for my needs?