Dell 2407 WFP stand is stuck ... guess what Dell says?



I was getting ready to pack my monitor up to move it the other day, and I pushed the release button for the mount on the monitor stand. A second or two after the monitor was disengaged from the stand, I heard a loud "twang" coming from the stand. I didn't think much of it because it looked fine, but later on I found it was stuck, in the lowest position.

The stand holds the monitor just fine, but it is about an inch too low in this position and I can not for the life of me get the height adjustment release button on the back to go down. The stand is really stuck.

I spent an hour on hold today with Dell getting transferred from person to person, a couple of which I could barely understand or who could barely speak English. By the 40 minute mark I was losing my temper and screamed my way to a manager. The manager told me that the warranty doesn't cover "accidental" damage and that he couldn't send me just a stand anyway--rather, he would have to send a whole new monitor out. But since I accidentally damaged the stand, the warranty is void.

I was in no way operating the mechanism out of spec. The stand is just a cheap piece of crap. Does anyone know how I can proceed in getting this replaced by Dell?


I said WEENIS, not...
Apr 10, 2006
the warranty covers pretty much anything... next time you call lie and say that it was that way when you bought it.. also if its "stuck"

push down on it a little while pressing that button in.. it should let it go then.. happened to me just yesterday.