Delidded 10900k cpu with unify meg z490 suddenly very high temperatures


Sep 12, 2008
I had previously delidded (and applied liquid metal) successfully the 10900k, ran for a few months at 50x. Basically if i set it around 1.31v in the bios and load of 1.308 everything was stable, prime95 tested for nearly 24 hours etc. Max temps with p95 blend might have been around 87C give or take, depending on ambient.
When i delidded i put the heat spreader back on and added a drop of glue to two corners. Then applied arctic silver.

Now suddenly tonight, same load value, I ran a quick test to check things and the temperature soared to near 99C. (i also cleaned and removed any adhesive) (small ffts)

Even when doing defaults in the bios and at 49x with auto volts, under load its 1.188, the max temp in a quick test is around 85C.

Anyone have any idea what might be going on here. The case wasnt moved, nothing touched.
Im at the point where i'm wondering if something happened "under the hood" with the delid, or maybe for some strange reason the arctic silver has become bad, though i've never seen this.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.