Decided I needed to start modding wires and smaller stuff. Need some HELP!


Nov 30, 2019
I want to start making my won wires and taking pins off, sleeving, and repinning, make some short extensions for other connectors, like front panel connectors, etc.I'd like to take teh PCIe connectors off of my PSU's cables and sleeve those in white PET, instad of the black. Since they are 6x6 with fat cables, I could probably just get the PET that fits and slide them over the connectors and then shrink tube it down. Anyway, just trying to describe what i want to try and learn to do.

I've been reading about DuPont connectors and crimps, PET sleeving, etc. Some of the PET stuff look thin and see through while other looks more dense. What's the best brand to get for the thickest sleeve?

So, what are some basic stuff I'll need, such as a good pair of crimps (brand), strippers, connectors, and if I can't or shouldn't get them on Amazon, where? I now having good tools i=s a necessity or you jsut ahve a lot of fustration.

I'd also like to know where to get grommets and rubber washers, like right now I need some 1/2" OD, 15/16" ID and 1/4" tall rubber washers - can't find 'em! I'd also like to find some flat head, counter sunk screws, like the ones you mount fans flush with, but that go all the way through the fan and some nice thumb nuts to go one each one. They would be similar to the type that go all the way through to mount radiators, but wider OD to full up the fan hole with some sort of thumb type nut on them.

Can't find any case thumb screws in white, except form on vendor and tehy want way too much for them (like 20 bucks for 10). I just bought a can of white semi gloss Rustoluem. :)

Anything you can all think of that I can use to mod screws/mounts to make them look better.



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Mar 16, 2000
There's a subreddit for making your own PC cables, I'll be damned if I can remember what it is, but you're gonna get a much better focused group of answers and
assistance on this one there imo.