[DEAD] ZOTAC Gaming RTX 2080 AMP for $660. New, not refurb. Free Ship, Possibly No Tax

Feb 3, 2008
I just ordered this, the deal is legit.

It's the ZOTAC Gaming RTX 2080 AMP for $660. Free expedited shipping, no tax outside of NY it seems; at least I ordered from PA and paid no tax.

You have to read this and go through that link.

I had to put this in my cart twice to see the discounted price. So try a few times if it doesn't work right away. Yes, that reddit link points to a referral link. I don't benefit from it, just forwarding this fantastic deal.

I ordered and got the game codes for the Triple Thread package e-mailed right away. So, yeah, this is indeed all legit. And look, price matches my post count!!
I gave that card some thought yesterday. The fact that they are still clinging to tampering with a sticker as voiding a warranty (which we know is illegal in the US) bothered me. I have no experience with their support or RMA, so it was a turn off. And of course since it's not EVGA the warranty won't transfer. I know a lot of people keep cards well beyond the 2-3 years so it wouldn't matter.

I guess I'm still considering it but not totally comfortable with it.
Why not just post the actual link? Nobody like TheVerge anyways.

Whether or not anyone likes TheVerge is immaterial, the deal only appears when you come from TheVerge. . That's why i also posted that link including the parts about tracking and ad blocking.
Using incognito and ad blockers off the price doesn't change. I agree, deal must be dead or the hot deal price inventory is already sold off.