Dead Rising 2


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 29, 2006
Anyone picked this up yet? Probably going to be picking it up after work today.
Ordered off Impulse for PC. used my store credit from returning the digital Elemental war of magic piece of shit game. I'd say a good trade off. Now i just need to get home so i can play :)
Got on 360, VERY disappointed. I found myself doing a couple of the events and saving some people but in the end let the daughter die and went off on a spree. I prefer the first game if im totally honest.
I'm loving the second one. I put it right up there with the original. Very fun game.
I definitely miss the camera gameplay, but I'm digging this game as well.
Dead Rising 2 actually is pretty fun. The main star is a motocross champion turned....does-anything-for-money-to-help-a-good-cause type person. I'll leave out what/who the good cause he collects money for it but its shown pretty quickly storlyine wise. No spoilers here though.

The format is pretty ismilar gameplay wise as DR1. Go out from 'safe place' to 'dangerous Vega Strip ...malls....' and help survivors get back for massive bonus PP. Try to save as many survivors as possible before you need to do your next 'storyline quest'. Your quests are accessed once again through your watch and yo uget a little time bar showign how much time is left before the storyline quest or survivor quest expires.

You still have Capcom's classic racists sterotypes and over-sexualization of women. Don't worry! Those are still there! Some of the storyline quests are a bit fun. One or two even involves riding motocycles + killing zombies or vice-versa. There is still 1 annoying quest...similar to DR1's "three convicts with a machine guy on an military jeep' also located in the 'center of the vegas strip zone' buts its avoidable if you walk through the buildings to reach objective a or back or vice-versa.

As I level up in DR2, you get recipes for new weapons(but, can make any weapon with no recipe. The recipe just tells you how if you don't feel like experimenting to see what combinations are possible). In addition, you also get new abilities to attack with every few levels and more base stats, speed, str, etc. Initally, frm rank 1 to rank 10. your main character is really slow. It gets better though.
on PC? if so, quite a few people waiting for comments on how good the port is:

Port-wise, the controls feel fairly smooth/natural with the combination of house/keyboard controls. The only thing I'd change is the right mouse button appears to be mostly unused. To differentiate between 'Attack 1' and 'Attack 2' for a given weapon such as saw a baseball bat, the method used is to hold mouse1 for a moment rathern than just 'quick tap' it. I do find the 'hold' method seems to be more-accurate so far to me than the 'single versus double click' methods sometimes action-games will use. I'd rather just have left do x, right do y'.

I have an icore 930/5870 running at stock and haven't tried using an fps monitor but im running 1920x1200x8xAAx16xaf and so far it seems pretty smooth. I'd estimate I'm getting 45-60+ fps. I haven't noticed any slow-downs or lag issues even during night-effects or during outside areas were there tends to be a lot of zombies after a good 20 hours of gameplay. Zombies never seem to appear from the distance, rather, when you are fighting zombies, zombies seem to start piling up from all sides and it feels as if the zombies are closing in and not 'being spawned'. I think the point were they are spawned is at least far enough away that you don't see or notice it. There's no 'zombie-popin' I guess is what I'm attempting to say.

Loading times are almost non-existant. When moving from one-zone to another-zone it might be at most a loading screen for 3-5 seconds which gives you just enough time to adjust how your sitting or take a sip from a drink before once again saving ppl while kicking butt.

Installation size wasn't so bad. Haven't tried the live functions yet. I find the graphics at least at 1920x1200x8xaax16af look MUCH better than I remember the original DRing looking. Mind you, most 360 games are natively rendered at low resolutions like 878x600 or there abouts and then upscaled so that's not too surprising at all.
I played case 0 and was kinda enjoying it. Can't wait to pickup 2 here any day... who knows might get it from the woman for my b-day next week!! Would be shweet!!!