Dead Rising 2 Case: Zero XBLA


Aug 10, 2008
What do you think? A little bothered about the stiff movement but I guess that will improve along with Chuck's level like in the first game.
I haven't gotten it. I'm a bit disappointed that they kept the timer. It's probably been known for a while but I haven't kept up on it.

I'm wondering when a developer will make a zombie apocalypse game where you have free reign in a town and your goal is to survive as long as you can. Moving around, gathering supplies, fortifying your chosen location, going psychotic from lack of communication which drives you to want to search for other people, etc, etc.

But I will keep an eye out on the game. I enjoyed the first aside from the timer, and being forced to go through the game over and over in order to level up and hope I got a decent upgrade. They may like that sort of thing in the East, but after the first few times having to start again it started to lose interest for me. The game just turned into lets go bash as many zombie heads in at the start of the game as possible.
Movement in DR always sucks at low levels.
Dunno if I wanna drop the $$ for this though.

EDIT: Oh, it's only 400 points? That's not too bad I guess.
The price is right at $5, and it seems like a cool way to get people interested in DR2. I'll probably pass though.
I liked DR1 but I never beat it, cuz I couldnt get it done in time the timer pissed me off, I keep look around and trying to play it George Romerro style lol... I like DR2C0 so far, but the damned timer...
When I first played DR1 the timer pissed me off, but I actually think it adds replay value. I'm not normally one to replay games, but you have to in Dead Rising because it's impossible to complete several of the tasks on your first run-through.
This game really pissed me off. Maybe I was doing it wrong but I just got my ass handed to me over and over. The controls seemed to suck, too. Really made me less enthused for Dead Rising 2.
I finally completed it. It really wasn't very difficult but I still have about 5 achievements to get. If you're having difficulty then just make sure to keep moving. So far I escorted 5 people (I think) and they managed to not get hung up on zombies so I think either the AI has improved or I'll experience the same old stupid AI when I finally escort those girls in the bowling alley.

I made a molotov cocktail but it sucked. I was expecting a huge spread but it caught one zombie on fire and that was it, heh. Maybe I did it wrong or I'm guessing it's best to use for the psychopaths. I was totally unprepared for the boss, I would have taken some guns if I had known but I did manage to kill him with the nail bat, it sucked that I couldn't use the drill bucket.