Dead motherboard audio? ASrock B550 Phantom Gaming 4


Apr 8, 2018
After turning on my PC today, Whatever speakers or headphones are plugged into headphone jacks in my pc, I get this incredibly loud crackling/whining noise. I've tested this with known good headphones and speakers and they all do it. (the speakers/headphones have all been tested to work on other devices).

This issue occurs whether I plug my headphones into the my case's front 3.5mm jack and it happens when I'm plugged in directly to the motherboard's 3.5mmjack. I notice that in Windows the computer struggles to detect whenever I plug in my headphones, before it would state 'Headphones - High Definition Audio Device' whenever I'm plugged into one of the 3.5mm jacks and now the headphones option in sound settings is disappears and reappears very erratically and if I adjust the volume, nothing happens and I hear no sound whatsoever out of them except except high pitched buzzing and crackling.

I've uninstalled Realtek High Definition Audio drivers and reinstalled the 2.82 version. That allows me to hear audio out of USB audio devices, and my monitors via NVIDIA High Definition Audio perfectly fine but still when plugged into the 3.5mm jacks directly from the motherboard and my PC case I hear nothing but crackling, if I play a YouTube video no audio comes out whatsoever except for the crackling.

I completely updated my Windows Updates and I've reset the motherboard to default BIOS settings and I updated to the latest 1.70 BIOS version yet the issue still remains. At this point, I took my hard drive with Windows out of my computer and plugged in a spare and started to install Windows on it. When I booted off the USB flash drive and entered the Windows Installation Utility I heard the crackling and buzzing again leading me to believe that this isn't a software issue. I don't know what else to try, I'm thinking the Realtek ALC1200 Audio chip is dying.

ASrock B550 Phantom Gaming 4

Ryzen 3600

RTX 2060

32GB DDR4 3200mhz

1TB Crucial SSD

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Limp Gawd
Jan 4, 2016
Sounds like audio jack issues, mine failed on my X99 MSI board so I swapped in a Asus Xonar sound card and didn't miss a beat.


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 21, 2006
Try unplugging your case header and seeing if the issue remains on the motherboard ports. I've had case jacks go bad before.


Extremely [H]
Oct 7, 2000
Try unplugging your case header and seeing if the issue remains on the motherboard ports. I've had case jacks go bad before.

was about to type that^^. if it still does it then yeah its going bad.

Astral Abyss

Jun 15, 2004
Some ports can be switched between input or output. If I had to guess, your system is trying to use the port as an input, probably mic.