ddr3 ram question


Jul 21, 2001
Personally, I had a set of G.Skill modules with a few bad sectors, but I didn't test it with Memtest86+ till it was too late, probably not the norm considering that they got a 5/5 review. Remember to pick something with low voltage and low timings, the Ripjaw 7-7-7-21 specs are pretty nice, but I didn't go with them because of the higher profile heat spreader. My motherboard faces the processor fan on top of the mem area, and high profile heat spreaders cause the fan to scrape.

Ultimately the choice is yours, good luck.

FYI, I'm running OCZ Platinum running 7-7-7-16 @ 1.5v @ 1333MHz and have never been happier with a set of sticks.


Supreme [H]ardness
May 21, 2002
Even with the rebate. Hell that RAM isn't worth dealing with the hassle of a rebate.

I agree. That RAM not only has relatively loose timings for DDR3-1600 memory, but also requires 1.65V to run stably at the advertised speed and timings. This is because like most so-called "DDR3-1600" memory, those Kingstons are not native 1600-speed parts - but instead, that memory (as well as some of the "lower-end" so-called "1600-speed" RAM from some other brands) is made of native DDR3-1066 (133MHz IC) parts.

And even "good" 1600-speed memory is made with native DDR3-1333 (166MHz IC) parts. This is because there are currently no DDR3 IC chips which natively operate at 200MHz (the internal IC chip clock speed of 1600-speed RAM).