Data usage by device?

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Mar 14, 2004
"managed firewall". Just had to change the search terms and I think I found the right rabbit hole to look down.

I've google'd till my head hurt. I wasn't sure how to write this up, so I'll try to keep it simple. Ask if I'm missing any important details. Networking is something I've never been too strong with.

What I'm trying to do:
Track by-device data usage. Track network traffic to find things bogging down the flow at any particular time. I love graphs and visual things so if I can get data converted...awesome.

What I have:
I have an Orbi router, but have been considering going to something more robust and using the orbi as an AP, but nothing offers more that doesn't cost a fortune.

The problem:
Overall wifi range and such is plenty fine. Data speed is fine. I too often have issues with delays that feel like the device is waiting in line for a chance to send packets or whatever. Every now and again, some devices give up and just say there is no internet. Not often enough to do any major overhaul. (I tried before and it only made things worse)

Cpu usage is normally only 50% or less. Ram is similar so it's not being over run there.
The orbi has a packet sniffer built in and can mirror to a Lan port, but I can't find any physical device to do this. I can set up a pfsense box to tie in, but idk if that'll do what I want to commit the research time.

I'll expand on that if needed, but maybe my searching just overlooked something simple. :(
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