Dashcat2 Build


Feb 8, 2004
I haven't had access to this account for over 3 years. Very long story. I just happened to find my password formula book and figured it out. I still have Dashcat2, full of spiderwebs. No heatsinks, no RAM, e-waste motherboards. But 2U cases still have room for decent GPUs. I made a practical cluster platform out of "garbage" and that's worth something I haven't figured out just yet. The fact Dashcat and Dashcat2 were mentioned in the same sentences/posts as projects like Helmer is pretty awesome to me. I don't have access to the YT channel where I posted the DC2 video in this thread, for lack of password, but I bet I can figure that out, too. At least I'll be more focused for the next chapter.

Keep It Zesty.