DAN C4-SFX: The smallest water cooling case in the world

Today I made a small test how a A4 design would look like on the C4. Do you like it or do you love the C4 design more?


I kind of like them being the same style, it's more like a family/range of cases. More cohesive from a branding point of view.
I'm sorry for my late intrusion. as an owner of M1, A4, Lian Li PC-TU-100B (that was my first and smallest one), big fan of them, I know maybe that's only my wish,hope, and opinion, but I think many more will find that appealing.
Since GPUS go into 80+ temps, esp the founders editions ones (my titan xp and 1080 fe go well over 85C), I would absolutely love to have both CPU and GPU wc'ed. Therefore, when I looked at the pictures, I thought the C4 case already had support for 1 rad in the top and 1 rad in the bottom. If you made that happen for rads of 22mm thickness and vents with 15mm thickness (such as the prolimatech,as I recall) , and make support for two of them top and bottom, 22+15=37. If We substract 37 from 55(the total allowance for that bottom rad) we get an extra 18mm allowance. so in order to have a 2nd rad, you need just an extra 18+19mm for that 37 for the 2nd rad.
Would it be that much bulkier to be 1.9cm taller?

Seriously, if that ever gets implemented, I'll buy two and i'll convince 2 of my friends get them as well, and not only! Please consider, or at least give me some insight whether that would be possible or not, what do you think?
Today I made a small test how a A4 design would look like on the C4. Do you like it or do you love the C4 design more?

The curved, single-piece design of the A4 is far more elegant, IMO.

Combine that with the side-mounted port and button arrangement above, and you'd have something even cleaner than the A4: a seamless and completely uninterrupted panel over the front and top of the case.
oh i love these renderings - and to answer your questions, the new C4 design > the A4 design.
I got a question tho, how many SATA-drives (SSDs/HDDs) can I fit in, if I want to use a 240mm AIO Watercooler like in your renderings? Will there still fit 3 of them inside? (Want to replace my A4 V2 with this in the future, but I want to be able to use my 2 HDDs and my SATA SSD aswell)

Also, If you can give us a rendering with a DUAL 120mm AIO (CPU and GPU)

Yes please dondan can we have a render with a 120mm AIO on the CPU and a hybrid 120mm AIO GPU fitted? It will be useful in your promotional material too since I am sure many potential buyers will be wondering if the case can fit dual AIOs

And congratulations on entering the prototype stage! I'll be buying your case when it's ready
Yes please. if dual 240 obviously won't work after I looked at the final renderings, dual 120 aio or WC custom for cpu and gpu since some gpus are innately Watercooled(gtx 1080 extreme gaming waterforce, and my titan xp which you can't possibly leave aircooled for a whoopin 87C, much better leave it at 35C in furmark watercooled. So yes please, if I can throw my phanteks enthoo primo and c4 can do a better job than M1 at watercooling, whilst still being 2.x litres smaller, then, my friend, you nailed it!
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dondan the new feet look great. Also I'm glad that you have rotated the PSU (fan facing outside of the case).
The exposed screws on the metal side panels are a regression from the A4. :(

I'd rather display the stubby but smooth pegs shown with the window panels. Consider offering or including those with the metal panels, please?
Will there be a way to run the GPU power cables so they aren't hanging or specifically need to be custom-length?
As I promised here is dual 120mm AIO rendering.

(click for 8K image)
Will we be able to still put 3 HDDs (well, 1 SATA SSD and 2 HDDs, for me) in there while using a setup like this? I really wanna get that case with a glass panel (i hope those will be smoky and not just clear ^^) then :D
Yes it will work with 3x 2.5" drives but you will block the airflow of one 120mm fan. So I recomment one SSD behind the front and M.2 SSD on the board for best cooling performance.
oh I can't wait - I need to keep in mind the cables might need to be a bit longer here than in the A4 even if used the same hardware, when shortening my PSU cables for my A4, while still planning to buy this one as soon as it gets released. At least I assume they might need to be a bit longer, or might this be wrong and the PSU to Mainboard distance is the same as in the A4?
dondan the case is shaping up nicely.

Are you going for standard or brushed aluminum? I think this time around I’d prefer standard (I’d love a smooth iMac Pro finish). Thoughts?
I will talk about Lian Li with that topic. But if I have it right in my mind sand blasted anodized finsih will be very expansive.
2 quick questions:

  1. This case is designed mostly to be on the left side of the desk. Don't most people usually have it on the right?
  2. Will the USB C connector be a 3.1 usb header for the motherboard, or will both the usb c and usb a connector use the standard usb 3 motherboard connector? I know few ITX motherboards have a 3.1 header, but this case won't be out for at least half a year. Things should have changed by then.
1. This case will work on both sides. ( Please read the first post of this thread)
I don't know if right is the most used side. I have my case on the left side.

2. My initial plan was it to solder type-a and type-c to one 20pin connector. Lian Li told me that a type-c needs 20pin alone to work in both directions. Otherwise only one orientation will work. So I requested a quote for a version with the new connector ( 3.1 gen2 type-b internal connector) and the other quote without type-c. At the end it is a MOQ and price question.

I don't know if the situation for internal gen2 type-b will be better in 6 month. Only two Asus boards currently have it. Also the last AM4 Asus Strix ITX boards didn't get it. I think it will take 1-2 years until every board will have the new connector.
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I like to introduce an easy way to install a watercooling solution for both CPU and GPU inside the C4:

Alphacool Eibaer LT


Alphacool Eiswolf GPX
-available for nearly every GPU.
-if you have a last generate GPU and it isn't on the list send them your card and get a free GPU block.

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Screenshot of Alphacool Cart.png

Sadly, the cost of the GPU block and the shipping makes this a very expensive (€246.98 = $303.65) cooling solution.
radiator thickness 30mm with 2x 25mm thick fans
Been thinking about what watercooler I could use once this is done and gets delivered, to move my A4 build into.

is there a still a clearance when using those 30mm with 2x25mm, or will 55mm thick AIOs use up the space completely?
I was thinking of using the NZXT Kraken X-52 in this case, which has a radiator thickness of 30mm, but uses 26mm fans.
Will I have to swap those out (or use a different AIO, like, for example the Be Quiet Silent Loop 240)?
I am mainly interested in using the X-52 for the looks, tbh ^^

Also, is there a time estimated for the Kickstarter Campaign to go live? Not even having my A4 build finished, but can't wait for the C4 already :'D

I hope those questions were not answered yet, I tried to check the most recent pages to catch any answers may given already ^^
I like the concept of this case. 240mm AIO can improve OC performance. But I think, your cases are a serious gaming machine. and most users want aftermarket VGA. So when VGA's in full load, heat going to radiator directly.
in this case, can AIO stand reasonable RPM? or Noise?
Great video with a very good description how it works. Next time you can ask me for 4K renderings. I have them all here and resized it for forum.