Dallas, TX LAN Parties?

Jul 25, 2004
There used to be several LAN parties every year besides Quakecon, but I haven't heard of any in a while. Does anyone have any info?
I have started to re-host Peace Love and Rockets but do not have anything planned as of yet. I will be putting on smaller LANs at a local LAN center in Richardson called ShadowLAN. I will post on Hardforums when these solid plans come together.

Other than that all of the small LANs have seemed to have died. There is one out in Greenville that I go too every third Saturday of the month, but most people don't want to drive that far.
Is it just a day lan? I'll google it :)
LeXXon actually told me abou this at last years PLR, but i forgot about it.

I used to host LAN-parties every year but since I moved to Dallas I havent had the time / place to do it.
I was thinking this week about putting together a good old fashion LAN party. Nothing to large, maybe limit it to 200.

What does everyone think would be a good time limit? I was thinking start Friday afternoon and run till Saturday afternoon. I've done so many 5 day (Wed to Sun) events and they just wear your ass out not to mention cost more to attend and host. Simple overnight LAN would be easy to do and not kill all the old farts (like me ;))

The downside now days to LAN parties is damn near every good game needs internet access. I need to find a few venues that have a big pipe. Maybe host it at some hosting center in the DFW area.

Maybe do a quarterly LAN event year round so the fun never stops.
Monte! Yes please!

Yeah that would probably work for the first event. I would be willing to help setup if we get this going.
I'm in the Tulsa area. I'd love to drive to Dallas for a decent sized LAN.
I'm looking at some venues today.

Trying to find one with the space and internet access is the fun part. Hotels tend to think that internet access is something they have to make a years worth of profit for one day use (greedy bastards).

If you have some ideas on a venue that I should look at let me know. Roughly 2500 square feet per 100 LAN seats.
I guess if there's no venue as of today there's not going to be a LAN this weekend :p
Yeah, I think you have it right ;) Nothing this weekend.

I was shooting for early June
Yes! Please do let us know.

I'm in the Lewisville area, so I'm definitely in!
Monte, check out the Civic Center here in Denton... they use to host all of Ghetto Lan's, which they usually had around 200 gamers. Charged $15 for the over night lan and typically came out even.

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usually between 20-30 people show up. I go off and on, just depending on work/wife/kids. It's a good group of people though.
Sounds fun. I am in Fairview so it's not far. Let me check out my schedule and I know of a few others that might want to go