Custom Built Surround Monitor Stand


Jul 10, 2013

By: Complx


This was a project I had worked on a few months back, since it has already been completed, I will post a few posts outlining the major events of the build, since this project was focused around monitors I thought that this area of the thread would be most appropriate, if I have posted in the wrong area, please let me know!


The basic idea for this project was was born out of frustration out of seeing what was available on the current market, a lot of triple monitor stands I saw were wildly expensive. Some cost $300 or more and even after spending that much money on these stands, you still would see people complaining that their monitors that were mounted to the outer arms would often sag and not line up correctly.

Another thing I noticed about a lot of these stands was a complete lack of added functionality to the user, besides just holding the monitors, they often would have no real added value or function to them, the only exception that I could find in my research was the XFX Triple Monitor stand, which incorporated 2 USB 2.0 hubs and a Headphone and Mic jack into the base of their stand.

So after a bit more research, I still could not find a monitor stand that really offered what I was looking for. In all honesty the XFX stand would have been almost perfect, but the price was a little off putting and I found out that they don't make it anymore. Also, the places that still do have it in stock are charging even more for it than before.

So I have set out to design and build a monitor stand for myself that can support up to 4 monitors!


As stated before, I did a fair amount of research for the project before i started the real work. There seemed to be 2 "go to" companies when it came to monitor stands, though I know, and looked at, many more. Ergotron and seemed to be the big two. But a lot of their models that supported 3+ monitors can run up in price. ($200-$300 or more)

One of the issues I had with these off the shelf monitor stands right now is the "sag" some of them tend to have, especially when it comes to the arm which the 2 side monitors (Left and Right) are often attached to. To compensate for this, a lot of the monitor stands have VESA mounts that allow for height adjustment to help line up the end monitors with the center one.


While this was a good solution to the problem of sag, I felt the bigger issue had not been dealt with, just kind of patched over. So this was one major area I wanted to focus on, rigidity.

The next issue I had was for the price, these stands often lacked additional functionality, besides holding the monitors in place. As mentioned before, the XFX stand had a USB and sound hub built into the base of their stand, which I really fell in love with. So this was the second thing I wanted to focus on, added functionality to the user.


The Hardware:

For this project, I went out and purchased 3 23.6" Asus VN247H-P monitors, the main reason I wanted these was for how thin the bezel was on them, Asus claims it has less than 1cm of bezel on either side.


I have these monitors purchased, but I will post some images of them later.

The Concept:

So for this project I will be using a material called extruded aluminum, very light weight, but very strong and very rigid.

I have made an initial concept model in CAD program to make sure I have a lot of the measurements and tolerances worked out before I purchase the material and start the first steps of the build.

These first 2 images were the base I started to work with to get an idea of how I wanted to lay out the main supports.



Then I started to work out some of the details on how it would go together:



After getting to this point in the design, I thought I was going to need to have some custom metal brackets made to mount the monitors to the arms. After modeling them up, I sending the drawings to a fried of mine who does custom work, he sent me back a quote of about $500+ to have them made, which made me immediately cringe. I put the project on hold until I could figure out what to do about this problem, at this point however I had already ordered the extruded aluminum that I was going to make the stand out of, so I went back to the drawing board. The 80/20 extruded aluminum in came in a few days later, and it was beautiful. For being "flawed" I could only find one real blemish on the metal, but overall I'm very happy. I also ordered some living hinges for the bars but I didn't get any really good pictures of them.







The only blemish I could find!


Cont'd in next post...
So after going back to the drawing board, and looking at what I had to work with, I came up with a modified version of my design. I was going to use my current desk as part of the stand, this also gave me the ability to make the monitors appear to be "floating" when the final build was completed.

This was and example image of my current desk.


My current setup also looked like this:


One of my problems I have with a desk that has 3 monitors on it is that I'm cramped for space for things like my mouse, keyboard, etc. The main reason for this is due to the stands on the monitors themselves, which the original design was trying to fix. After talking with a few people, I decided to scrap the idea of a "stand" and go one step further and making the monitors "float."


So back to CAD I went and using the material I already have as well as the desk I came up with this:





After getting this design locked down, it was off to the metal shop to start cutting and drilling.
Got my hands on the 3 VESA mounts at my local Microcenter and they had a lot more flexibility that I would thought they would have.



All the parts laid out


Chop Saw



After a quick bit of sanding to smooth out all the rough edges, all the pieces are cut to length, one 22" main bar, two 18" arms, and two 12" supports.


Basic Layout


The ends of the aluminum did not come tapped for the hinges, so a little WD-40, power drill and hand drill, we had our tapped holes.





All put together, except for the VESA Mounts.


I didn't have any extra T-Nuts that would normally come with the 80/20, so I had to improvise. It worked quiet well.



Lastly I drilled 4 3/8" holes in the supports for mounting to the desk.

This is going to be a nice monitor array. Not that I've ever had the desire or need to go with 3 monitors (I only use two at work), but if I did I'd definitely go with 80/20 for a solution. I love using that stuff. I've built a ton of crap out of it for work and hobby use.
So after I got back from the metal shop, I got right to work!

Marking Holes




Supports Mounted





Some of the parts were still soaked in WD-40 so I disassembled the support arm to clean everything. I also had to drill two 1/4" holes in the support arms to attach to the support beams.


Drilled and mounted



3 Monitors, ready to be mounted.






All three in place!


I finally had all three of my monitors up and off my desk! I could not be happier with the overall result, there were a number of things that needed to be taken care of, like proper cable management.
So after I had gotten the monitors mounted, it was pretty late, so I ended up getting to bed that day and started work the next morning. Big things I tackled was cable management and the back lighting.













The only thing left to do was make the USB hub I had been planning to do.
Looks really great!

Honestly, I don't what you guys do with all that screen real estate. Some serious screenage there that I wouldn't know what to do with.
A few days later I got the USB hub completed and mounted There were a few things I was a bit off with, but over all it turned out looking great! I had some extra pieces of 80/20 left over from when I built the stand, so I used them to make the hub mount.
















Bonus! So I found that I could put old pieces of hardware in the open space behind my keyboard and it made for some good eye candy!




Thanks for viewing! I hope this gives you some ideas of what you can come up with!​
Hey, looks great! I took my frustrations a different route with an Obutto Ozone, but I really like what you've done here.
Not sure which I like more the Do Not Noob sign or the monitor stand ;)

This is a sweet setup. I like how you incorporated the existing design of the desk into your overall plans. The USB hub is a nice touch too. The height of the monitors is adjustable right? It appears that way but just wanted to confirm.
Not sure which I like more the Do Not Noob sign or the monitor stand ;)

This is a sweet setup. I like how you incorporated the existing design of the desk into your overall plans. The USB hub is a nice touch too. The height of the monitors is adjustable right? It appears that way but just wanted to confirm.

Yep, the height is adjustable!
I built a very similar stand back in 2011 for 30" monitors that uses a floor mount design. I also used a monoprice TV mount so that I could extend and retract the display group:





Did you use 1530 profile or 1020?
These stands are so full of win nice jobs. Ever consider making any to sell I need a good surround stand
Hi there,

I hope you don't mind, but I came across this stand last night after searching for many weeks for something similar, and I have a couple of questions:

1. What dimension is the extrusion? is it 30x60 or similar?
2. Those hinges, where did you source them? I've tried to find similar with no luck

I'm in the UK, but don't mind paying to get stuff from wherever, as like you say, a lot of the commercially available stands just don't appeal, but your stand is amazing in it's simplicity!

Many thanks in advance.

Can someone please post a link to those hinges please? Been trying to find them online and I can only find real cheap crap, or slight variations on what I'm seeing in the pictures that don't quite seem like they will work... Really interested in doing this, just cant figure out what hinges to use!

Keep up the good work gents, incredible idea!! :cool:

Can someone please post a link to those hinges please? Been trying to find them online and I can only find real cheap crap, or slight variations on what I'm seeing in the pictures that don't quite seem like they will work... Really interested in doing this, just cant figure out what hinges to use!

Keep up the good work gents, incredible idea!! :cool:


This project is awesome and all, but you can actually buy them for cheaper.
Here is one for under $80.
I've been looking for a decent setup for years. When I purchased my current displays, I got them with dell arms. Those were too short and my cats could knock them around too easy.

Then a company I worked for had some decent arms, but alas my cats whiskered those too.



I was inspired by reading your post. After discovering 80/20 does custom cuts and taps, it made it very simple to design, order and put it together. The hard part was mounting the displays. I tried the VESA mounts you used and found them way too unstable, so I re-purposed the mounts that came with the second set of arms. Those worked well.


The problem was that it was extraordinarily difficult to move them and they weren't exactly designed for the aluminum profile.

I started thinking about 3D prints and designed (I had the idea anyway, the guy that owned the printer took my original design and made it tons better) some Nylon/Carbon Fiber mounts for 80/20 1020 profile.



They dye very well.

And mount even better!





Thanks for the idea! This stand is BY FAR my favorite. Even with the 3D prints, custom cuts from 80/20, and the VESA mounts I 'chucked in the waste bin', this stand was less expensive than the 'cool store bought arms' that my cats made short work of every time I would 'fix them'.
Hi Ernie, can you post up a link or email me the STL files for the 8020 monitor mount? Those are awesome...thanks!
Yikes! He quoted $165+ for a set of three so I probably will instead figure out how to use my existing mounting plates and cut some spacers out of aluminum.