Custom 3D Printed fans (Its a thing!)

Yeah it's amazing what they can do with 3D printers these days.
Best thing is you can make numerous little changes to find the best design for the space too!
best shapes have already been researched.

best shapes within the constraints of standard fan frame dimensions.
hence the desire for tan color to go with the brown impeller.

sure pink is fine, but color matching the overall fan array has an appeal.
Pink is fine, mate 😊🧡
Taco thinks best shapes have already been researched. We doubt someone will create a revolutionary new fan design at home with some cad software and 3d printing knowledge. You need engineers.
Likely, but doesn't stop it from being fun!
I've been watching this guys channel off and on, he is far from the most scientific and accurate for his tests but I absolutely admire his dedication and enthusiasm to test whatever weird ass cooling solution comes his way.
The engineer in me would like to see him measure the power usage of the fan with the best performing designs. I think the factory design would win pretty easily that efficiency metric being that many of the designs were not well balanced.
not until brown and tan colors are available.

The funny thing is, I really want to buy Noctua fans for my new workstation build... but god are they ugly, and for once I'm going to have it on the desk with a bit of light to see :p
Yes, and I bought them. But it’s not the industrial look- it’s bloody ugly!
I dunno, I just put one of the normal brown ones in my PC..., looks a bit out of place so I may have to get a few more so they all match, lol. I dislike RGB and would much rather have a case full of dull/unassuming noctua fans than a case full of bright distracting lights.
Yes, and I bought them. But it’s not the industrial look- it’s bloody ugly!
I've always thought Noctuas have their own sort of beauty, but that they need to be in an appropriately themed build to really shine. Earth-toned builds, builds that incorporate woods and other natural textures, things like that. Unfortunately for Noctua, those builds seem exceedingly rare, but I've always loved seeing them.