Crusin' Ocean City 2015 photo album

I live 3 miles from Ocean City in Ocean Pines (big development turned town if you aren't aware)...Most locals I know don't even want to mention the words OC when it it comes to this and ESPECIALLY BIKE WEEK...It's a lot easier to act like a jackass on a bike, but I see PLENTY of 50+ year old men doing their damnest...It's a shame because I come from a big car family, and used to love seeing the cars growing up..
Nice photos, I kind of like the wide tire that looks like it is moving. The supercharged cars are nice and I'd love one, but most of the older cars I remember didn't have their engine compartments filled out.

As far as going, I have been in the past, but didn't go this year. And didn't make it at the end of the weekend after most of it was over even though a friend's band was playing at MR Ducks.
M.R. Ducks, right next to the weird art gallery right? This show was was the 25th anniversary so I believe the turn out was far larger than before.

@Cityinstaller I'm sure as a local it gets old pretty quick. If it's any consolation my car was extremely quiet!
Great shots. Had no idea this was an event in OC. If we go to the beach it's usually Bethany.