Created pendrive with Mint but it is not loading


Apr 6, 2015
Used a 64GB pendrive, linuxmint-17.2-kde-32bit, and Universal-USB-Installer- Had the prog format the pendrive as fat32, direct prog to Linix iso, etc., prog completes successfully. Reboot to pendrive and just get black screen with cursor blinking in top left. PC is not using secure boot. Any ideas?
I have had better luck using Rufus to format the pen drive and make sure you have selected the right cluster size or it will not boot.
The Linux Live USB Creator is another good option:

When you point it to the ISO, it'll say it isn't on the compatibility list, as it's too new. It will, however, use the settings for Linux Mint 17.1, which should work fine.
Ok, thanks..

Rufus worked for me though but it didn't have an option to create space for persistent data like the other prog did.

The Mint Linux I installed has to be booted in compatibility mode on my PC and it also sets my system time wrong so when I boot into Windows I have to update the time server. I can't have that happening. Know a better distro to use that won't have that issue?

edit: Have downloaded Fedora and will try that.

Fedora didn't require compatibility mode and displays my screen at the correct aspect ratio (unlike Mint) but it seems it messes up date and time in Windows too. Need to test it again.
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If the target PC supports 64-bit UEFI you don't need any of the fancy tools.

Just create a FAT32 partition on the stick and copy the contents of the 64-bit ISO file there.

Time mismatch is because Linux sets the hardware clock to UTC by default and Windows sets it to local time.
Well, I guess I need to make a bootable Linux that allows me to save settings so it doesn't mess up my clock every time I use it. MY PC has UEFI but have never used it.