Crash after coming out of extended sleep


Aug 26, 2003

I built a new PC a few weeks ago and it's been crashing every time it comes out of extended sleep, takes +- 5-10 seconds it just crashes and reboots.
At first when I checked the event viewer it was the key authentication that seemed to give critical errors so I bought a new CDKey and it activated fine.

Now it crashes and there's nothing in the event viewer so I have no idea wtf is going on and why it does it, after it reboots it's fine it won't crash I can play games etc no problem.

Any idea what it could be or what I can check ?

Can you give a bit more detail about exactly what happens when your computer "crashes"? Does the screen freeze? Does the screen go black? Do you get a BSOD? (if so, what is the BSOD code?). "Crash" is actually an obsolete term that refers to the read/write head(s) of a hard disk physically "crashing" into the spinning magnetic disc inside the drive, which is likely not what caused your problem.

Windows Activation issues wouldn't cause problems other than pestering you about your activation status.

What hardware are you running? I would say that the #1 cause of sleep issues is bad or malfunctioning hardware drivers.

What are your current sleep settings? Are you using hybrid sleep? If so, you might try to disable hybrid sleep and see if that helps at all. You can do this by hitting the Windows Key + R, typing in "powercfg.cpl", hit enter. That will bring up the Power Options control panel. Click on "Change plan settings" next to your selected power plan. Click on "Change advanced power settings".


Change the setting to "Off".
Use a program like whocrashed or bluescreen viewer to see more details on whats going on.