Cracked my s10+ screen =( Now looking for replacement. Samsung trade in?

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Dec 9, 2000
Looking at replacement, I was hopeful Asus would up their camera game, but it seems it's still far behind for the price they charge.

I did see a deal from samsung, where they will give me $300 trade in for my phone WITH a cracked screen, on a new S20/+ or Note20/ultra.

I happen to be in need of some credit building(new to the US, limited credit history), figured I could use the 0% financing to get this phone, then I also saw their new samsung access setup.

Also, I haven't used a screen protector that I liked, I hate them all =(, so having a "apple/samsung care" program is not a bad compromise for me.

Options: Note 20 ultra (the s20ultra while great, seems to be behind the note20s camera)
Pay it out with $350 trade in : $878
Finance it for $24.42/month (samsung care + is an additional $12 month if it's added on, for a total for $36.41/month)
($350 trade in credit WITH cracked screen)

Monthly and get samsung Access, include Samsung care +, Office 365 with 1TB One Drive:
Monthly total: $38 for 36 months, then $11.82 monthly after for care+ & 365/1TB, but new phone every 9 months, with samsung care +, $29 for a screen replacement.
(300 trade in credit WITH cracked screen)

Any other options / ideas?

Note: Replacement screen is going to be over $300 with shipping.