CPU Cooling for i9-9820X - questions


Sep 9, 2020
Hello! I'm new here. This looks like a great forum, good resources and assistance. Which is why I'm here. I own a recording studio and am getting ready to rebuild my studio DAW. I've been using the same rack-mount case for a while. Mine is a 4U height case which sits in a rack next to my desk. I'm going with an Intel i9 X-series 10 core CPU. I was looking for fan solutions and ran right into a hurdle. Most of the fan type coolers are physically too tall for my rack case. There are some low-profile fan models available but I'm not sure yet if they're suitable for the i9X

A solution would be to get a 5U case but I couldn't find one except on the custom market and they looked like server cases or something. So I'm just curious... is there a clear solution here? Oh also... I'm probably not going to be overclocking this computer. The Intel CPU has a specified average power of 165 watts.

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