Counterfeit Bykski CPU Water Block FIRE-ON-I?


Feb 20, 2023
I bought several Bykski items from a Seller on AliExpress. Everything was delivered from China in 11 days. Impressive.

However, 4 seals were broken on each of the CPU Water block, the GPU Water Block, and the 2 radiators.

The radiators seemed legit, having the Bykski name and part number etched into the metal on one side; too much I think for a counterfeiter to do.

The GPU Water Block had one model number on the front and and a different one on the cold plate but I was able to find an unboxing video with the same thing meaning the cold plate is probably used for multiple blocks.

Then there was the CPU Water Block...

Has anyone ever seen the configuration in the second picture?

The gold color in mine (2nd picture) is from the reflection of my lighting, the colors are the same highly polished silver

bykski internet.JPG

bykski mine.JPG

So I told the Seller that 4 items came with the seals broken and he said,

"We tore the seal on the box Because the factory sent it to us was sealed, but we will open it for the second time to check whether there are any damaged or missing goods. Please don't worry, all products are 100% original, we won't sell secondary items."

So on the one hand, that's a lame reason but he admits it; but why invite suspicion. On the other hand, if he's a master criminal, he wouldn't leave the broken/cut seals there but he'd remove them completely and cover with a blank seal.

I sent 2 messages to asking if mine (2nd picture) is a legit new design, but they didn't respond to either email.

I asked and they responded saying what's in their warehouse looks like the first picture, not my picture.
One has power cables one doesn't. Two different versions? One RGB, one w/o? AMD vs Intel maybe? I have no idea, never bought a CPU block by byski. I've only bought GPU blocks from them and they have been fine. They've always come sealed with a byski sticker, inside a byski box that's sealed.
It may be time to switch vendors if they are opening your sealed gear to um, verify the contents.
I'm a little slow today. What do you mean?

Chinese brands have been so busy making copies and counterfeit versions of the competition for decades, and now someone is making a counterfeit version of the Chinese brand :p

That's all I meant.
I've used a bykski block on my 1080Ti before and it was actually very nice even nicer than the waterforce block it replaced. Was also cheaper than the EK block. Not that I would put a bykski on my 4090 or 13900KS though I only use EK for my nice builds but I've had very good experience with the bykski waterblock. Frame chasers also uses bykski and likes them also for the value.