Could nvidia next gen be a chiplet design?


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 26, 2005
This is all conjecture by me, but let me elaborate. BTW I don't think this is coming with Ampere.

While I have my doubts that AMD is capable of delivering a chiplet design anytime soon (much less with Big Navi) simply because it would have to be a crossfire design as there would be 2 (or more) separate gpus on a chip. Unless AMD has found a way to make separate gpus work as a single one. (as its rumored to be the case with intel Xe)

But nvidia isn't necesarilly limited in the same way.
I think its possible for nvidia to make separate chiplets for the GPU, tensor cores and RTX cores since they don't have to work as a single chip.

I suggested on another thread the idea that maybe nvidia should make a separate RT accelerator card with only (or mostly) RTX and tensor cores, but maybe a chiplet design is more practical.