Cougar QBX Mini-ITX Gaming Chassis

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    If you are building a HTPC, LAN box or Steam Machine, you might want to check out this review of the Cougar QBX mini-ITX gaming chassis at eTeknix today.

    Cougar has been launching some pretty incredible products recently, from their stunning range of gaming peripherals, which includes great keyboards and mice, as well as their chassis products. Today we’ve got their latest mini-ITX chassis, the QBX and it promises to be a competitive gaming chassis for the small form factor market.
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    Well, yeah, but air isn't going to naturally dodge the PSU and motherboard--you're more likely to get recycled air from the same side unless you can put fans on the back side of your motherboard/PSU. I guess as long as you have your CPU fan blowing out the mesh and the mesh doesn't stop that hot air from leaving the case, you'll probably be okay. Otherwise, I don't see it being that great, airflow wise.
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    They should be using a SFX PSU in that thing. There's no need for an 850W monster unless you're mounting a Titan Z or 295x2. I presume that it's as long as it is to cope with a full-sized GPU, else you could just mount the PSU transverse and cut a few inches.

    Which CPU cooler are they using?