couch gamers input needed for KB&M


Apr 15, 2003
Looking for input on what you are using to place your keyboard and mouse on when you game on the couch. I don't really want to spend $150+ on one of those purpose built devices.

The Steam controller works very well for most games, even some that would normally be m+kb. It does take some getting used to as it is just off size wise when compared to an Xbox controller; and it's pretty worthless for anything where you need to type.

I have yet to find a good solution using a full sized keyboard and mouse, short of using a lap table and just go to my gaming rig for m+kb only games.

I'd be interested to see if anyone has ideas as well.
I have no idea if this is any good but I remember thinking it's a pretty decent idea for couch gaming. Not cheap though!

I've got one and while it works great the mouse pad is smaller than I like. Its good that it is slightly magnetic so the mouse doesn't slip off, also you can change the DPS on the fly though which is good for overwatch and any FPS. The joint that folds in feels pretty sturdy and the only real problem I have is the keyboard doesn't seem to want to leave the charging dock. Its got a fast response time and nice sturdy feel to it as a whole just wish it had back lit keys. I would give it a 8/10

Before that I was just using a piece of ADF with a steel series mousepad for mouse movements and then just putting the keyboard on my lap or chair arm.
I use a Logitech G700S and a cheap-o Logitech wireless keyboard. I think it's the same one they bundle with the 270 pack, but mine didn't come with a mouse. It was something like $12 at Microcenter.
I use a pair of these with the keyboard on one and the mouse on the other:
This mousepad is both large and well made. I just taped it to the tray table to keep it from shifting:
I use a $5 shelf on my lap and it actually works very well. Its just a white smooth board thats meant to be put on arms off the wall, about 4 ft long and its great lol. I also seen walmart selling one of those tv dinner trays that have legs meant to slide under your couch and leave a flat surface infront of you, looked like it would make a good couch desk lol
I use either an Xbox controller or for FPS, an Xbox controller + mouse. I don't use a keyboard for gaming from my couch anymore. For games that do not allow controller + mouse simultaneously, I use joy2key to keybind whatever to the left side of the controller (so WASD is on the stick, the d-pad becomes buttons, left bumper and trigger, etc.). My mouse in my right hand is a wireless G602 which has a lot of buttons to replace the loss of buttons you have ditching the keyboard. I have a G502 that I actually prefer for this purpose but it is wired so I hardlly ever use it. (The thumb button placement is better). I have all the functionality I need this way and I now actually prefer moving with a stick over WASD. (Blasphemy, I know.) The mouse + pad rests on a small smooth wood cutting board on my couch cushion next to me. Very simple.

You can also use a steam controller + mouse in the above fashion for games that support it. The paddle under the left hand hold is pretty handy, plus the zillion things you can do with the touchpad.
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Controller + mouse is a fantastic control scheme. It's the best of both worlds. You have analog movement + an analog trigger combined mouse aiming. I actually wish it would catch on a bit more as I honestly don't care for keyboards as a gaming input.
I use a Steam Controller for games on the couch. If the game doesn't work with a steam controller, I just go to my actual gaming box, which is faster anyway.
thanks for the reply's the dinner tray thing might work. I thought about getting a steam controller but I already have xbox 360 controllers but for FPS I gotta have a KB&M
I've got a Steam controller and it's mostly collecting dust. It's okay for old games that don't support pads, but that hasn't been a major issue for a while. For games that do support pads, the face buttons are awkwardly placed. It only really shines with games that focus on the triggers and if you don't like dual-analog controls. Anyone comfortable with the PS4 and Xbox pads can safely skip it.
I had a LapDesk laying around from when I still had a laptop. It is a little cramped, but works well enough for single players games. I don't MP on console, so I can't speak to that.
Logitech MX5500 bluetooth KB and Mouse - Logitech no longer makes them, but they are perfect for the couch- 30 foot range is very nice and the response seems acceptable as well. <--- link to one available on Amazon for almost $800.00
If a game requires KB+Mouse, steam controller is the way to go.
I use a 15 ft. USB extension cable with a little mini hub/splitter thingamabob with my regular mouse and keyboard. Have a Bluetooth mouse-keyboard combo in a box in the closet because input lag sucked bad.