Corsair's The Witcher Wild Hunt Lucky Draw

CUE software with an intuitive interface, because your existing software is a bit of a PITA.
I pretty much already run everything corsair (case, fans, psu, memory, mouse, keyboard, AIO water cooler). The only component I don't have that Corsair offers is an SSD. When they release a PCIe Neutron GTX on m.2...that's it.
A Corsair all-in-one burrito warmer and panini press?

Seriously... what doesn't Corsair already make in the PC enthusiast market?

Maybe a Corsair 'gaming' wireless router or something?
The Hydro GFX. I have their cases, RAM, mice, power supplies and cooling systems, however I really need a 980ti to drive my current monitors. Alternatively, I could really use a Carbide Air 240 Arctic as I am building a new microATX system.
I have everything of theirs already and like previously mentioned, id love a 980ti to finish off my box for now.
Question: If you could pick any product for Corsair to make, what would it be and why?

A George Foreman style Grill, mine's getting old and barely holds four patties.
Hmmm... Full cover water blocks for custom water loops...or just a universal block.
Corsair The Toilet Paper?

A real, thought out, gaming trackball. (ambidextrous)

The stuff from Kensington is close-ish, but the Orbit needs higher dpi, better sensor and revised button placement to be truly great.

Why should they make it? Because NOBODY ELSE DOES. Not seriously.
I would definitely be interested in seeing some Corsair graphics cards. With that great Corsair cooling attached, it would be a sure hit.
I would choose to the Corsair RM1000x/RM1000i power supply. They are built sturdy, and all voltage are stable even under loaded.
I will get a Corsair RM Series™ RM1000 when i can get my hands on an extra gfx card.
As virtual reality becomes more popular it would be great to have better options for character control. I'd love to see a Corsair designed gamepad for PCs designed with VR control in mind.
I'd like to see what Corsair could do expanding into high end custom water cooling gear add it would be interesting to see what a larger company could do.

They could even integrate it into their cases
Like others have said graphics card and motherboards. I trust corsair quality over others, they seem to do really well and it would be nice to have another great name in those two markets.
I'd love for Corsair to take a stab at monitors. They pretty much have every other gaming peripheral covered, so it's sort of the final frontier for them, I'd say.
I believe it would have to be a graphics card, it is always nice to have another big dog with all the great offerings that us "little people" love in that ring.

I am currently using their memory in my PC and it goes above and beyond in both performance and reliability. Though their mechanical keyboards have also caught my eye lately.
My vote would be for an enthusiast grade mobo. They have always had very respectable cases, drives, memory, psu's, etc at a very accommodating price. A monitor would be nice, but I'm not sure I would choose that over the Samsungs of the world.
Nice set of 2.1 Audiophile/Enthusiasts speakers

More Modular options
Sound dampening - Always need more
Nice large configurable/customizable LCD Read Out
A new game controller:
Make sure it works on Both PC and (PS4 or XBone) or all three if possible.
Have the option to connect Wired or Wireless.
Have a small slot on back (about the size of where you'd add batteries on other controllers) but in the slot add a couple buttons that do basic things like turn off vibration instantly or other things instead of needing to go into options.
Last thing. Try to keep the price just a tiny bit Below the price of the base PS4 and XBone controllers since those are usually expensive and it will give people a really nice reason to pick your controller. :)
High quality quiet air cooler (Noctua NH-D15s, Scythe Mugen 4...) that doesn't block the first PCI-e port, because AIOs can't compete on performance+sound


more Fractal R4/R5 like cases - good airflow with emphasis on quiet operation, because the market is lacking in options.
I would want to make the 'Strafe RGB.'

So many awesome products to choose from. They all need a keyboard, might as well make it an awesome one.
I'm probably too late for this, but might as well hope since I don't have the game.

I would like to see Corsair come out with a solid line of Aluminum cases that compare directly to Lian-li.
I think a unique game controller design like the steam controller would be good.
A wired gaming trackball, similar in design to the predecessors of the Logitech M570.

Why? Because nobody worth a damn is doing it.