Corsair's The Witcher Wild Hunt Lucky Draw


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May 18, 1997
Corsair's The Witcher3: Wild Hunt Lucky Draw


This week we have 5 physical copies of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to give away.​

To enter this Corsair Lucky Draw, you need to have a United States shipping address and answer this question!

Five randomly drawn winners will receive: 1 each physical copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Question: If you could pick any product for Corsair to make, what would it be and why?
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I'd pick them to finally release the Hydro Series HG10 N980 GPU Liquid Cooling Bracket!
I want to retrofit my 980 to watercooling without building a custom loop.

I've been waiting for quite some time.
CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i Extreme Performance Water/Liquid CPU Cooler. 240mm So I could :cool: the world and stop "global warming".
High Refresh Rate Monitors. Because you tend to make products that work well with others.
I would like to see Corsair make a game controller based on either the Xbox One or PS4 configuration. Big time fan of Corsair products. My power supply, case, and cpu cooler all Corsair parts.
Motherboard trays. I swear I will not buy another case without it. If I have to fab my own case for it? *so be it
A case with integrated liquid cooling systems for mitx systems.
The perfect case... with a motherboard tray of course.

It needs to be almost all aluminum (steel cases suck).

It needs to be reconfigurable to work equally well whether it is on the right or left (motherboard tray can be swapped from side to side)

Internal drive bays, if side mount, need to be able to swap side to side.

If it has a front door, it needs to be able to be swapped from side to side.

It would basically be a case that doesn't exist as of yet.

Oh, and it needs to be priced well.
I concur with a great case that includes a motherboard tray, great cable management & airflow.
I would make a corsair Power Supply. I would make one that is the highest quality ever built but affordable to people on a very tight budget. It would be the highest 425Watt Power supply on the market and cost $35.00.

I would do this because there are too many crap quality products out there for people with barely a budget for a power supply. I see too many diablotek and other brand garbage products in peoples computers that are having problems because of the psu.
I have Corsair RAM, Power Supply, and a Corsair headset...
Maybe branch out into video cards?
Why not monitors? They are already elbow deep in the peripherals department; what would be better looking on a desktop than the entirety of the attached devices sporting a similar aesthetic? Maybe something with a metal frame to match my K60.
They should make video cards from AMD. AMD has 9 board partners in the US compared to Nvidia's 12. AMD could use another well trusted company like Corsair making video cards. Corsair could even offer high memory overclocks on their cards in a time when very few overclocked models come with their RAM overclocked.
120Hz or higher, 30"+ or larger, QHD or better, and < 5ms response time monitor because no one makes one.
A Obsidian Series mini ITX in a HTPC format. No one has that perfect solution yet, but I'll bet Corsair could make it.
i would want a floating platform to put a laptop, monitor, tablet on. It would float where ever i put it and provide the needed connections for my devices so it wouldnt need to attach anywhere. I would tie a tug line to it so it follows me around from room to room. Then i could plot it wherever comfortable and work or play as needed.

ps no one said it had to be a doable or realistic product :)
High quality gaming oriented monitors would be pretty sweet, IPS, 120hz+, Gsync/Async.

I know this has been talked about but maybe partnering with video card manufacturers to offer pre-built AIO solutions with rads not just in 120mm but also in 140mm and 240mm. Design cases around these rads for easy mounting.
Question: If you could pick any product for Corsair to make, what would it be and why?

Underwear. You can never have too much underwear (until you have too much dirty underwear).
An all-in-one liquid cooling solution that can work for ANY processor AND GPU now and in the future without fear of compatibility (and also the ability to make sandwiches...mmmm).
I'd like to see if Corsair can produce a budget-friendly android cellphone/tablet. Maybe over time we'll even get upgradable SoC components - memory, processor, storage, and screen. It should be possible and cheaper to upgrade a cell device than having to buy a new model for 500 bucks every few years.
With Corsair's case, cooling, RAM, PSU, and accessory expertise I think they could build an amazing SFF gaming PC that is ready to go out of the box. Something akin to a much better Gigabyte Brix but with all of Corsair's brilliance engineered into it!
Decepticons... because I'm running out of quality, small appliance adversaries in my home.
Corsair branded motherboards.
Corsair branded GPUs, all ready to watercool.

and of course...........Bacon
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I would like Corsair to expand their water cooler and case line by making a larger AIR case with built in water cooling perhaps called the AQUA. That would allow for CPU cooling and 2 GPUs by default in a self maintained loop. The only parts needed to configure by the end user would be the cooling blocks themselves.
If you could pick any product for Corsair to make, what would it be and why?

I would love to see them create a custom system similar to the Alienware Alpha but with a high end video card and liquid cooling in as small a case as possible.