Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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Corsair RAM won't die like my crappy Crucial Ballistix did.

I've been very happy with every Corsair product I've ever purchased, it's a great brand.
Corsair ram, and products in general, kick a$$ because they have the best customer service around, imho.
because my previous build used corsair dominator ddr2 1066 and with the stock voltage of 2.1 i could push them to amazing cas timing and speeds. I just wished i wouldnt have tried to save money this build by going with shitty gskill
Just waiting for them to branch out further into motherboards, video cards....maybe cpu's?!?!?
I am going to have to go with consistancy. Corsair is consistantly a good brand whihc high quality parts. Beyond that I would have to say customer service. I have always had a good experience when dealing with their customer service.
corsair has a huge reputable reputation o_O
they also sponsor my gf's college
and their RMA system for RAM is amazing :D
I'm building my first PC, so I cannot speak from experience, but I can say that everywhere I have turned to has yielded me the same Corsair. I will be getting this RAM regardless, so hope I can win a set and save myself some money :D Good luck everyone.
Corsair memory kicks! I always put their stuff at the top of the list. Using corsair i7 dominator right now!
Corsair RAM kicks ass simply because I've never had a dead stick with corsair before. Can't say that about the other guys.
I think I used Corsair Memory but I can't remember !!!! Because Corsairs Memory Remembers stuff really faster than me.
Corsair knows the PC enthusiast and hardcore gamer communities. It provides best-in-class products and customer service to a very discriminating market segment. Their stellar reputation was hard-earned and has stood the test of time, yet they have not let success and rapid growth take their eye off the only ball that matters: their customers.
Corsair is the best because I'm still running the first kit I bought with my motherboard 3 years ago :)
Great memory that works well with every motherboard I owned! Also a great company with excellent support.
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