Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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In the past I cheaped out and bought other brands, but none of them performed satisfactorily. My current Corsair RAM has exceeded expectations.
Because it is fast and reliable, and in the event you have a problem Corsair stands behind their product and makes it right.
Corsair kicks ass for the styling, which screams "HEY, YOU CAN OPEN BOTTLES WITH ME" - also, the electronics ain't half bad either.
I drive down 880s to goto work @ hp(ex voodoo team)everyday and i pass by their building which is across from Tesla's new plant! I've used Corsair memory for years and stand by their product!
There are a few memory brands out there that stand out with of the pack. Corsair is the most dominate name because it couples excellent products with extremely high-quality customer support. When buying ram, Corsair is the brand to recommend.
Corsair RAM kicks ass for multiple reasons.

Some of the most notable reasons in my opinion are stability and reliability. I have had several sets of Corsair XMS memory over the past 6-8 years, and several sets of other brands. Corsair is the only brand that I haven't had to RMA due to faulty modules.

Keep rockin' the memory market Corsair!
The RAM looks sexy and it holds data before being pushed into the processor. Through the series of tubes.
My main reason for buying Corsair is that its always been reliable. Whether its on the high end like these Vengeance kits or Value RAM, its always just worked.
I have been using Corsair memory for a long time. The price for performance is excellent to say the least.
I've used Corsair RAM in just about everything I've built. And it works great in my iMac, too! Flawless every time.
because someone in product development was finally smart enough to come up with mean looking black heatspreaders that dont exclude them from my next ALL BLACK PCB BUILD.

Hook a DDR2 brother up!
RaR!! That RAM looks like its straight off of Battlestar Galactica whats mror kick ass then that?
Every Corsair product I've ever bought has been fantastic and never had a single issue, from memory to power supplies. I love the company and would totally dig upgrading my system to 12GB of that hotsauce RAM
Corsair memory is the fastest, most stable, longest lasting, and most ass kicking memory ever made! Count me in!
I've never had a set of corsair memory fail on me yet!

p.s. never had a set of corsair memory yet....
There is not much to say about the quality of Corsair that hasn't already been stated but upgrading my Dominator RAM to the 12GB Vengeance would be one of the few upgrades that would benefit my already solid system.
Corsair Kicks Ass because they constantly release the fastest memory on the planet year in and year out! They stay on top of the game and are consistently pushing the envelope with every product they release. Unlike other manufactures, these guys care about pushing their products to the absolute edge and then getting that product out to their customers.

Anyone can overclock a stick of ram but matching up 12gigs of the stuff that will run flawlessly at these kinds of speeds is ridiculous, or should I say KICK ASS!

I haven't upgraded in awhile so perhaps it's time.
Corsair kicks ass not because they release the fastest, most stable RAM, but because they actually listen to the consumer base. From power supplies, to cases (my ps, ram and case say hi!), they release things that actually cater to the consumer.

Corsair as a whole is just awesome, and an example to the entire industry.

Kudos to you guys, and thank you for listening to us all.
Corsair is the best because they perform like hell and their warranty is absolutely great. No problems with their RMA.

Plus these would go really well with my new Sandybridge system I am about to build next month
Corsair Memory stands apart from all other manufacturers. Not only because they develop high quality memory, but they also create products that are original and unique. Purchasing Corsair gives you peace of mind because you know you are getting the best of the best.
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