Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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I've used Corsair ram (and power supplies, and cases) in my last 3 builds, some DDR3 for my upcoming I7 build would be amazing.
I suppose they kick ass??? Never used Corsair ram.......... Only their PSU's which do kick ass.

Always go with Mushkin ram myself :D
It's as if a very dense ram bit a high power line and went ass-kickin using it's new extra-dense high voltage superpowers... with a vengance...
Corsair ram has to kick ass like every other product I have of theirs that has never failed me.
Quality - Not just best bang for the buck, just simply the best, PERIOD.
Reliability - Not one single Corsair product I have ever owned has failed me.
Commitment to Customer Service - Redbeard's here on the forums as a man who can help make things right. When you don't even have to call someone or visit Corsair's website for help, just go to your regularly visited forum and hit up the rep, THAT is customer service.
Consumer Confidence - Whenever I'm interested in buying memory for my computer, the first name to come to mind is Corsair. I don't even have to really give it much thought past what series and how much RAM I want. When I can be that confident with my purchase, it means a lot to me.
Price - There's a series of memory for every price point for just about every type of consumer. It doesn't get much better than that.
I don't think I have ever used Corsair RAM. However, I am still loving my 800D case a year after getting it. So through guilt by association I would have to guess I'd love their RAM as well.
I could use this. I run an asus p6t6, and some faster triple chan would be awesome!
Corsair RAM kicks ass because it's reliable, great for OCing, and Corsair kicks ass as a company!
Corsair everything kicks ass. I love all corsair products and it's the reason I always put them ahead of any other brand.
Wait! What? Are you saying that other companies, besides Corsair, still make memory? I thought Corsair had already kicked all of their asses and they were the only ones left.
All the Corsair products I have kick ass. This appears to be another product to add to that list. Support kicks ass as well.
Corsair kicks ass because its the only memory I use in my PC when Im building a mad ass rig for gaming.
Corsair is the only brand of memory I buy. Period. End of Story.
Corsair ram not only performs amazing, but it also looks bad ass! Corsair is unstoppable!
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