Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

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Corsair is a great company of a variety of products...rarely do I see Corsair products of just "okay" quality.

Plus, who doesn't want more ram?
I think the new Cerulean Blue will look sweet in my new Sandy Bridge system! Gotta love Corsair!
Like them because Corsair is the only brand of memory that I have never had a problem with.
Time after time I've used Corsair products and they've never disappointed me. I'd love to get a chance to test out this ram since everyone seems to be after them :)
After being screwed by Crucial on my so called "Life Time Warranty" I'm
Corsair's new lover with a Vengeance. :eek:
Winning some of these Corsair Vengeance sticks would make me piss myself!
I've never had a poor quality Corsair product. Even down to a 3$ flashdrive. That is why they are awesome.
Id like to win me some of those fancy sticks as my machine has low speed Ram.

Also had some of the older Dominator DDR2 sticks, kicked bottom and couldnt fault em , never missed a beat.
I love Corsair because of their PSU's really. But in the other thread, I call Corsair my personal swiss army knife :p
What I really like about Corsair Vengeance RAM is the true plug and play aspect. Every kit I've installed for friends or clients has worked correctly right off the bat. In all cases there has been no need to adjust BIOS settings to proper timings or voltages. The memory just works as expected.

It's because of the above - and past experiences as an owner and user - the Corsair name, to me, has been one of ease of use and reliability. Those are the two most important features I look for and Corsair has never failed to deliver.
Never had any problems with my Pro series DDR sets. That's my only experience with Corsair products so far, but i'd definitely like to give some fresh DDR3 sticks a try.
I like purchasing from Corsair because their products are usually sleek looking and of high quality.
Customer service at Corsair is top notch. Bought a 800D that had a bad hot-swap bay (#3 down from the top), called the customer service line, and they send me the SATA-6gbs upgrade backplane for free, no hassle.

The ease of that let me to purchase a Force-120 drive instead of the C300 i was thinking about. Wanna support good people. Also purchased 24GB of the Vengeance RAM for my Big Bang Xpower build. I've also purchase countless number of power supplies from them, multiple H50's for the various builds i have done, and a H70 on this latest build. I think the only product i haven't used by them are the headphones, and speaker set. The USB headphones are definitely on the list for my nighttime gaming.
I'll always sail with Corsair... They're basically like this:


But for my computer!!!

With moRE LAZER!!!
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