Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

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I own tons of Corsair items, from Dominator Ram to PSUs to a Voyager flash drive. It has all been great, and I have no complaints about the company. This ram would go to a new computer, and would be a great fit, to say the least.
Their products have never failed me, only seen one die, and they took care of it ASAFP - that's a winning formula to me.
I've never had a bad piece of Corsair...d;^)

Also good value for the money!
Would be nice to pair some of these with the H50 thats cooling my system.
Have the vanilla Corsair RAM, need to up the ante. Corsair PSs keeping 2 PCs going strong. Just good stuff all around from Corsair.
Love their lifetime warranty and no-hassle replacement policy on failed modules; I've only had a few fail, but RMAing them was quick and painless.
I like Corsair's high standard for quality and better than most customer service. Also like my H50.
I like that Corsair has a presence on this forum and that they consistently release good quality products. :D
I'm running Corsair now and it's the best memory for performance,also keeps your system very kool...the added heat sinks are nice looking as well, that is if your going for looks as well as performance..
Just bought a Corsair Obsidian 800D case and a Corsair TX950w power supply. Then I bought a Corsair H50 water cooler from a friend. Now I just need some Corsair RAM to go with it!
What can I say, Corsair products are great, and free Corsair products would be even more great.
All of my corsair products are very visually appealing.. and I've never had to return one.
they are good, i usually get their high end stuff when building a new pc.
I love Corsair's build quality, and piece of mind when it comes to my computer's stability. I also like knowing none of my friends will ever give me crap about buying Corsair ram.
Corsair has been very good at sourcing quality components. I just bought a Corsair A70 air cooler and it's a great piece of kit!
Win some quality RAM? Yes, please!
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