Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower Case Review @ [H]

Is it possible to mount a 140mm radiator to the front while using both 3.5" drive bays? Considering this case for a future build and I plan to use the NZXT Kraken brackets for my GPUs.

I am figuring H100/H110 for CPU, one 140mm AIO cooler for GPU1 mounted to the back, 1 140mm AIO cooler for GPU2 mounted to the front.

Also, does this case possibly come with a mesh side panel to change out?

I really wish Corsair would design something, even if it's something that sticks on with adhesive, to bring the brushed look back when a 5.25" drive is mounted. To me, that gap does not look immensely pleasing. :|

I am thinking about personally buying some extra bay covers, cutting the ends off, and gluing them back on there..
I was wondering for those of you who have it and use the ssd mounts, what is the spacing from sata power to sata power?
Great review.
Nice case.
The only gripe I have is the side panels are secured with thumbscrews rather than release mechanisms like the 800D or even the 600T.

I couldn't agree more. The side panels are light and slightly flimsy. And the only thing securing them is the flange on the front and the thumbscrews on the back. If you do not have a modular PSU and the cables are numerous and stiff, this could be a problem trying to "shoehorn" all your cables in under the backside panel. Same is true for your SATA cables. If they're longer than necessary, it makes the first closure (after the build) more frustrating than you'd like it to be. Though there is more room for cable routing than the new cases of say 5-7 years ago, there isn't as much as I had hoped.

Because of this, I'm now considering replacing my tried and true PCP&C Silencer 910 much earlier than intended.
Just finished transplanting my system from my old Silverstone Raven RV03 case that was falling apart (mostly my fault as I took a hacksaw to it to customize it on many occasions, it did last for 4 years modified though.)

Either way it's a telling that we live in a time where my CPU and motherboard outlived my case.

The Corsair 750D wasn't my first choice, that honor went to the Fractal Design Define S, which I actually ordered before finding out I couldn't use it.

Yes, I am a veteran builder, and yes I made a beginner mistake. I forgot that my Asus P9x79 WS I bought 4 years ago was a SSI CEB form factor, not standard ATX, and it just wouldn't fit in the Fractal Design case.


The Fractal Design case screams quality, and looks like it would be great for cable routing though.

Now with all my parts on the table (cause I already threw out my old case) I had to figure something out quickly, as I had work to be done that I needed this rig for.


Turns out my local Microcenter had a sale on the Corsair 750D. I didn't buy it just because of the sale, it had actually been on my short list previously, but I had decided on the Fractal Design in the last round.

It's amazing how much space there is in this case. I've never built with a Full Tower case before, but I wish I had. So much more pleasant to work with than a medium tower.


It's almost hard to believe by size comparison that this is my SSI CEB motherboard (actually slightly longer, as measured from IO plate to back of board, than E-ATX)

And there it is all assembled.


I am usually terrible with the cable management, and I had LOTS of cables due to all the fans, the H110i GTX and the fan controller, but the layout of this case, with all of its space and nooks and crannies made it easy to hide the wires. it's still not a masterful cable management job on my part, but at least it doesn't look terrible like my usual builds.

I found the tool-less drive mounting for both the 3.5" hard drives and the 2.5" SSD to be a very welcome addition to what I am used to. Using them was a breeze, and there is no reason all cases shouldn't have something like this.

Worth noting is that the Corsair H110i GTX fit (albeit snugly) in push-pull configuration at the top of the case. If you plan on doing this, I recommend installing the radiator and fans before installing the motherboard, as I had to do some pushing and shoving to get it in, and was worried I may have damaged something for a while there.

click to embiggen:

Final Parts List:
  • Asus P9X79 WS SSI CEB Form Factor motherboard
  • Intel Core i7-3930K CPU
  • 64GB DDR3-1866 RAM.
  • 2x EVGA ACX 2.0+ SuperClocked GeForce 980ti 6GB in SLI
  • Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD
  • Corsair H110i GTX in Push (included fans) Pull (Corsair SP140L twin pack, white LED)
  • Samsung 850 pro 256GB SSD
  • 2x WD Green 3TB Mirrored RAID1 (Had them kicking around, so why not? Never know when it might be useful)
  • Silverstone Strider ST1200 GOLD Modular PSU

I'm impressed with the temps, and the fact that it isn't particularly loud either.

Plans for the future include (once they are finally launched) two Corsair HG10 N980's paired with two Corsair H90's to cool the GPU's mounted up front in the case blowing out, and a Corsair Airflow kit for the 750D, to make sure they can breate. Then I'll be DONE (for now)

I'm loving this case, and while it was my second choice, it shouldn't have been. This is the case I should have gotten to begin with.

On sale at MicroCenter for $139(+tax) - $20 MIR = $119(+tax)

I apologize for the crappy pictures resulting from the combination of using my phone, and not having enough light.

If I feel ambitious enough after work today, maybe I will break out my real camera and take a few better ones.
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