Corsair Mech k70


May 12, 2015


Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 9, 2003
These are well known keyboards and many have used them. They certainly aren't bad mechanical keyboards, but I wouldn't advise purchasing either. Those are the "older" models so to speak, and they have been known to have issues with the backlighting - how the keys/backlight LED/PCB interact stress the connection due to a design flaw and as such these models experienced more and swifter dead LEDs than many other models. In addition, the prices are bit high for what you get - you can either get something comparable, cheaper or spend about the same or more and get something ,much better.

The first thing to realize is that "Cherry MX' are a type of mechanical keyboard switch and the colors cited as "Cherry MX Blue"are NOT backlight related. Instead, they are identifiers for how various models "feel". Here's an article that goes over some of the differences of particular Cherry MX models -

Is gaming a major use of yours? Or do you type for long periods of time (ie coding, lots of data entry)? This can affect which switch type you may prefer. Three of the most common Cherry MX switch types are Blue, Brown, and Red. If you've never had a mechanical keyboard before, I typically suggest Brown and Red for gamers or those who have multiple use cases (ie gaming AND coding). Everyone's preference is different though.

I know you stated you'd like red backlighting. This works fine - the majority of mechanical keyboards have a single color (or more rarely, 2 colors) of backlighting, so you'll be able to find some you enjoy. However, would you be interested in keyboards with full RGB per-key backlighting? This means you can have just about any color you desire, or even different colors for each key! If this is alluring to you, there are a few models I'm aware of at the moment that are mechanical, and have RGB backlighting.

Corsair K65, K70, or K95 RGB - This is the newest version of the keyboards you linked. The new RGB backlighting means the previous issue with Corsair keyboard backlighting going out is no longer a worry, as the design has been improved! The K65 is the "compact" form factor, the K70 is the normal full sized keyboard, and the K95 has additional macro keys. Be sure the model number says "RGB" to ensure you're getting the latest version with RGB backlighting. You can select from Cherry MX Blue, Brown, or Red switches for these keyboards. For the past year, Corsair has been the sole partner for Cherry MX RGB Backlit switches; other keyboards use switches by other manufacturers. Read more about them..

Logitech G910 Orion Spark - The latest entry in Logitech's venerable line of gaming keyboards, the G910 is mechanical, using Romer-G custom switches (some compare their feel to Cherry MX Brown with an o-ring mod to quiet the click), which are well regarded by many. It has RGB backlighting, some macro keys and well designed layout, though some don't agree with the aesthetics. Logitech has gone the extra mile when it comes to software and even have open source SDKs for interacting with their hardware

SteelSeries Apex M800 - This is a new offering that utilizes another custom switch they call QS1. I've not heard any reports of use for this board as of yet, but I'm noting it just to be comprehensive. Read up and see if it seems to you liking


So there are a few options. If you have other considerations like price, or if you don't care about backlighting very much, there are a LOT of mechanical keyboards out there with lots of different switch types! More information will help us narrow things down. Hope this helps give you a place to start.


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Jul 19, 2007
I have this keyboard except in the cherry mx red version. And all things being equal I think I'd much rather have the browns. The reds are way too easy to depress so I find myself accidentally strafing or turning depending on what I'm playing.
If you're a gamer I would probably advise against the blues, those are more for typists.
The browns are supposed to be the best of both worlds.
And as mentioned, this series keyboard did have issues with the led back lighting, but everything I've read pointed mostly to the stainless version with blue leds.


Dec 17, 2005
I don't know why Logitech is going BB exclusive with that Orion Spark, and I only could try it in the fairly noisy store but it did feel very nice and seemed quiet due to dampening. The Razer keyboard didn't compete.

The keycaps are grooved instead of standard.

Though these prices seem extreme compared to CM Storm.