Corsair Keyboard RGB iCUE issue.


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
I got a Corsair K55 not long ago, which is my first Corsair keyboard and the first time I've used their iCUE software. The default RGB profile for this keyboard is basically a strobing rainbow pattern. I'm not a fan. I used iCUE to change it to a single color, and it works fine for the most.

The issue occurs when I lock my computer using Windows Key + L, something I've got into the habit of doing every time I'm not using my computer. The problem is that once I'm at the lock-screen / login screen, the keyboard reverts back to it's flashing rainbow profile.

I assumed that the keyboard must not have any built-in memory to remember the profile that was set, and that iCUE can probably only directly "control" the keyboard RGB when I'm logged into the same user account where iCUE is installed. When I'm at the lock/login screen, I'm technically not logged into that account.

But then I noticed that when I change my computer over to another computer using my KVM, the keyboard maintains it's single-color profile, even though that computer doesn't even have iCUE installed on it. So the keyboard must have built-in memory.

Any ideas why it reverts to rainbow-mode every time I lock my computer, even though I only have one profile in iCUE and it's set to a single color? I can't find any way to directly control which profiles are stored on the keyboard itself.