Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

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I need to hear my games better for 2 reasons:

First: So people (and or zombies) can't sneak up on me and kill me.

Second: When raiding in the World of Warcraft, it is imperative to hear your teammates and events around you so you can be a champion of azeroth/northrend!
I keep getting knifed in COD and could really use these headphones to hear those sneaky snakes better.


No way this HS1 set can beat out my trusty old HD-535 from senns.

But I suppose I'd be willing to be proved wrong in this thread if I win and the HS1 is up to the task....
Better positional audio would really take my Solitaire game to the next level.
I need to hear games (or anything) better since a broken pair of headphones and cheapy temporary 3 dollar earbuds aren't cutting it anymore :p
I need to hear my games better because I turn down the game volume so that I can chat with friends on Ventrilo. So the lower volume game has to come through absolutely clear.
I need to hear my games better because all I have right now are the cheap ipod earbuds...
I don't need to hear games better but I certainly want to. ;) Thanks for the contest!
I need to hear my games better so that I can get a better sense of immersion.
I need to win because I refuse to believe that there is such thing as a quality pair of 'gaming' headphones and would love for Corsair to prove me wrong.

I'd Love to crank my sound on my speakers but I have a roomie that takes exception to that so I use headphones. I'm currently running on an ancient set of Radio Shack Optimus headphones that the earpads are about shot on, cords cracked etc, etc. Radio Shack doesnt sell anything close to these anymore and I've just not gotten around to seriously looking for another set yet. Have tried a few but the cups always hurt my damn ears... sound not impressive etc etc.. Anyway, that's why I could use em ! lol
Because I'm 51 and getting older, my ears are not what they once were, I need every advantage to beat the youngsters out gunning for me. :cool:
It would be nice to hear the pewpewpew of my mega pulse laser II's when playing on my laptop :)
I need to hear because I have 2 boys playing other games and trying to shout commands to each other. It would be nice to slap on the headphones and not worry about having to turn my speaker volume up.
I'll Tell you why!!
Because I NEEDS THEM!!!


It would be awesome.

Thanks Corsair!!
I need to be able to play video games with sound. Using my speakers wakes up the kids.
I have just started looking for a gaming headset, and these look like they'd fit the bill nicely.
Because I need my plants vs zombies sound effects in super high quality ;)
I need to hear my games better because immersion is key. But not only that, people need to be able to hear me better in-game so the HS-1 would definitely help with that. People keep ragging on me in L4D to say something but my desktop microphone is horrible.
I love Corsair! I've gone from using their wonderful memory, to now using their power supplies and other peripherals. Would love to see what these headphones sound like to replace my cheapo set!
When it comes to gaming, it really comes down to 2 things. Things that you can see and things that you can hear(of course it more than that but those 2 are the main things for now) Good set of speakers/headset give you 50% of experience.

Of course I'm in!
I need these because my GTX 470 fan is pretty deafening and very distracting when in major battle scenes.
The better you hear the game, the better you the in game immersion. Also, being able to easily mute mic and having mic reduce external noise is also important.
I want to be able to proudly say that I can't distinguish between the Russians yelling in a game and the Russians yelling behind me.
in for one

Tired of hearing my games through crappy 2.0 speakers that are all static and no gun shot. Only playable level I can do games with is at around 10-15db, which is super low and can barely hear a thing.

I want to be able to hear things as they happen rather than sitting 2 inches from my speakers to make out the bullet that hit me 2 minutes before.
Somebody needs to verify that the Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset will work/play in Crysis during a rainstorm, at night, in North Carolina, with a kid crying in the other room.

That Somebody is me.
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