Corsair H55 - do NOT use the plastic CPU bracket!


Limp Gawd
Feb 17, 2010
I am installing my first AIO water cooler on my mini-ITX server build.

However I learnt the hard way the the included stock plastic CPU bracket is complete garbage and should just be put in the trash.

Basically after initially installing the fan and CPU block I realised that the PSU was going to pinch the water tubes. So I decided to rotate the CPU block 180 degrees to fix the problem.

However I discovered I could not unscrew the CPU block! Basically the screws kept turning but would not undo/losen.

After removing the motherboard I discovered that the cheap plastic CPU bracket was the problem. Basically the metal screw holes you slot into the plastic flange had been rotating due to the weak plastic.

As you can imagine it was rather difficult to remove the screws. However I figured out a way incase anyone else has the same problem. Basically I took a spare case/motherboard screw, screwed it into the screw hole on the backside tight.

Then using two screw drivers (one on each side of the board) I managed to unscrew the CPU screws. However I then could not remove the temporary screws, so I had to use a set of pliers on the screw hole peg and a screw driver to remove them again.

Do not use screws you care about as the threads to not match so the screw will get a bit damaged, however they worked fine afterwards in my case.

The next problem you will encounter is the superglue like strength double sided tape they tell you to stick on. I realise now that you don't actually need it to install the cooler so I recommend not using it if you want to be able to change motherboards in the future.

The double sided sticky tape is so strong it will rip itself apart and leave a horrible mess of foam and glue which you will have to carefully remove without damaging the PCB traces. I ended up using my finger nail and carefully removing all the glue over about 30 mins.

It does take quite a bit of force to remove the bracket from the tape so expect to seriously bend the plastic (possibly ruining it). I hope all motherboards have strong PCB traces as I could see this glue ripping them off on a cheaply made board.

So basically I discovered this cheap plastic bracket is complete rubbish designed by someone who thought that plastic sockets and metal screws can work together.

So don't use it! Just chuck it out and use a proper metal bracket.

Luckily Asus were thoughtful enough to include a real metal CPU bracket in my motherboard box so I used that when I reinstalled my cooler. It screws on and off perfectly and is much more sturdy that the plastic bracket.
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