Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

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I need a Corsair SSD because it would really help with the ton of video editing I do every spring... especially since I'm making the jump to HD next year.
I've always been a fan of Corsair products. I like their cases, power supplies, RAM, solid state drives, and last but not least...their water cooling solutions. Overall, a reputable computer hardware enthusiast brand.
I need this Cosair SSD because my current Intel 320 Series 80GB drive is too small.
Corsair is about quality products.. I have there PS, Ram, and cooling.. Could use an ssd..:)
I need an SSD because I have yet gotten to experience the speed of one of these for myself in one of my own systems that and I loose every contest that has an SSD up for grabs, lol. Oh and it will also look good with my Corsair memory :)
I'm building a new box for the first time since 2005, and i can't decide if i should go SSD, or not. This would make that decision quite a bit easier.
I need this drive because all of my games, windows install and various porn take up exactly what a 180gig drive would would store! We were made for each other!
Because Its the only thing holding my BF3 experience back from being amazingly great!
Please Corsair Id love to match my ram with a shiny new SDD!
I don't have an SSD, and I plan on building a new rig in a couple months. Please have mercy on my poor loading times.
a Corsair ssd would be a perfect fit in my 600t.

I have been wanting to get a ssd
Why do I need a Corsair Force GT drive? Because the 320GB regular SATA boot drive I currently use is really getting long in the tooth and a new solid state drive would really be a huge upgrade in speed without breaking my non-existant piggy bank. :D
I haven't had a chance to use an SSD yet and I am curious to see how this Corsair SSD will CHANGE MY LIFE
Would be nice to replace my OS dedicated, aging mechanical drive with an SSD drive & seeing if Corsair's SSD drives are as good as their RAM.
I'd actually love to use one instead of just drool and talk about how good SSDs are
Get more people convinced to drop one in their rigs as well

I need a Corsair Force GT SSD coz I have been searching for one since the last 2-3 months but could not find one in stock any where in my country. :)
When I reload my UI in WoW, it takes way, way too long. I need lightning speeds!
I need a Corsair Force GT SSD because everything else in my computer is Corsair, Memory, H100, 850 psu. and hopefully a ssd.:D
I need this drive because I'm sick of hearing my drive grind away during the Windows boot process.
Because everything else in my rig is corsair... the other hard drives look out of place =)
I need this drive because my current one is quite loud and very slow. I've been a huge fan of Corsair for 10+ years, largely due to their high standard of quality.
I need a Corsair 180 GB SSD so my girlfriend will finally stop complaining about her Sims 3 taking too long to load. (Also it'd give me a chance to upgrade the 500 GB HDD with a TB and do a fresh install.)
I need one because trying to run VMWare Workstation on my old laptop hard drive is killing the performance with constant disk seeks.
I need one because without it I have to schedule coffee and bathroom breaks during app launches, and I would really like to stop doing that.
I need it cause the 80 GB one just isn't cutting it anymore, need more space

and not to mention the need for speed
I need it because i really hate the OCZ Revo drive i got which corrupts the data on it every now and then. So i need a Corsair SSD to proof that OCZ sucks :)
...because my current HD is 7 years old and could use an upgrade
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