Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

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I need a corsair SSD because my hard drive is going out on my gaming rig and I have no money to purchase a hard drive with the skyrocketing prices of HD's.
I need SSD for my BF3 game. I would like faster loads plus I never had SSD before. I can't afford a SSD at current prices.
i need an ssd so i can enable ssd caching on my new z68 board! and as always corsair makes the very best
I need some Corsair Solid State goodness to replace my spinning rust drives!
My 12 year old is putting together his first rig on his own, would love to have a faster drive than his pops.
I've heard good things about Corsair & it would give me a reason to upgrade my system for sata 3 support... ;)
Just rebuilt my rig and the one thing I regret not springing for is an SSD. Map loads in BF3 are taking forever. This would really round things out :)
I need one to put in my wife's computer. I recently got a force 3 for my computer and my wife's jealous because her computer is still using a slow hdd.
I need one because I spoiled myself w/ one in my home computer... now I can't stand going to work!!! (or maybe it'll end up in my laptop...hmm...)
I would like to have Battlefield 3 to be that much quicker. I can trust anything by Corsair will work right, and for a long time. I could never afford an SSD, but would love this.
may the force be with me!!!

got my h50, vengeance ram, 400r in the mail. now i need my corsair ssd.
60gb ssd sata 2 is slow and too small these days, help me install more than one game at a time with 180GB speedy drive from Corsair! The H80 and 16gb Vengeance Ram are lonely!
I need to build a new computer for BF3 and putting in one of these babies would be awesome for the game.
It is a Corsair drive, so reliable and fast, with some of the best support in the industry. What isn't there to like about winning the contest and getting this drive?

Why do I need an SSD? Well that's easy, cause I'm still stuck on old school hard drives! And corsair is awesome!
Well my friend has an ssd, and right now i realy just dont have the money for one, and the peformance he gets compared to my wd 500gb is insane! So i probaly wont get it but doesnt hurt to try!
I need to win one to show my friend that his intel 320 sux :D just kidding

i'll be happy camper with my OS and main apps on it + i could finally win some stuff for the first time ;)

cheers !
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