Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

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I am currently building a new system and don't have the budget to install a ssd into the system. An SSD would make my computing experience much more enjoyable.

I'm embarassed to admit it, but my gaming rig runs on WD Green Power! Saving for an SSD but if I can win one, I'm in!
I have never experienced the full power and potential of a Solid State Drive, still running on Hard Disks. Adding one by Corsair will most definitely make my computing experience more enjoyable!
11.11.03 running out of room on a set of three 2TB hd, need a replacement OS drive to test W8.
I want one because i'm still using a mechanical drive in my gaming rig and am yet to realise the full power of ssd's for gaming :(
Well my computer is pretty good but I cheaped out on a 500gb 7200rpm drive with 8mb cache, fail, want something really quick and the force series are crazy i heard
I would like to boot up super fast with Corsair's new SSD.

It sounds amazing for the size.

I wonder how the price will be?

No more slow HDD boot times, game load times, oh the joy that would be.
I would love to have an ssd just in time for the holidays to experience all the new games with.

I wouldn't use it as an OS drive I would use it as a seperate mount point within my user directory.
Well, why I need a corsair SSD in my rig is as follows;

I have dreams about silent fast bootups. I even daydream about what it would be like with many cheap solid state products if AMD kept their flash division.

I need to buy loaves of bread each week, and that cost seriously cuts into my budget for buying a SSD drive for my rig. I'm living on the edge, buying things like bread and the occasional condiment to spice up my lunch, and because I'm living on the edge constantly, I need a drive that will push my rig to that same exciting edge of living. So yes, please make my dreams, and my current lifestyle continue to exist on the bleeding exciting edge with all crusts attached, as real men like it fast and hairs on the chest, as with both bread and computer storage, no sissies are allowed.
I need a Corsair SSD because I can finally use my larger storage drives for what they were intended instead of using one as a boot drive.
More speed & space for the OS & apps or maybe as a fast gaming drive. My 60GB SSD isn't cutting it anymore on all counts...
sweet mother of god, my dreams are coming true. this is exactly what i need to finally transition my upgraded computer into the last part i need. i have a new motherboard, a new cpu, new ram and a new video card, but i had to use an old harddrive. this corsair ssd will make my build perfect!
I need a corsair myself considering I am running practically corsair all the way from the memory, the power supply, and the cpu cooler H50 :) This would almost complete the collection. Oh and it would also make all my games and programs load way faster.
Pick Me! Pick Me! It's the only way to save my aging laptop. Without a SSD Transplant the Doctor doesn't think she will make it!
I NEED a Corsair SSD to replace the one I have to pull out of my lappy so I can have RAID-0 on my desktop...d;^)
I need to make the switch to SSD's and what better way to do so than with a Corsair GT (with plenty of room to boot!)
I want one to replace the aging 80GB Intel G2 that's in my current rig.
I "need" a Corsair SSD because I am tird of waiting through long boot cycles and woud love instaneous loading of levels in my PC games. Oh, and that red looks damn good in my PC too!!
A Corsair SSD would give my computer wings. One sec. Wrong product.

Having a Corsair SSD could allow my computer to boot before I even hit the power button.
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