Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

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I need more ..... more ... speed. The windows experience points for all parts are around 7.7 or 7.8. However, the hard drive is pulling the score down to 5.9 ... :( ....
Because up in the north, SSD's work faster when it's cold outside ;D Also I would really need one, a great SSD would make the whole difference in this rig built from old pieces found second handed =p It's not bad, BF3 runs and all but the only new part is the power supply which is over 3 years old now *sigh*
I'm working on my first new build in about 6 years!!! I could really use one of these SSDs in my new computer!
My old RaptorX is getting tired and this would greatly increase my overall computing experience.
I never notice much slow down while my computer is on, but good lord the boot times are terrible. Reinstalling Windows would help, but reinstalling Windows on a Corsair Force would help much more. ;]
Because one of these days, 1 of the 4 drives in my striped RAID array are going to malfunction. It'd sure be nice to get similar performance on a single drive! If I won I'd probably buy a second one to either mirror or stripe it!
Star Wars the Old republic releases in sub 50 days and at a whopping 40gb installed and I need all the extra time saved from loading screens to be Server / world firsts for a lot of things planned.
I would like one because I need to replace my 6 year old drive. Also, SSDs are great for running games.
I need the corsair SSD to match my Corsair memory and my Corsair PSU.
I need a Corsair SSD because my current hard drives are slow as hell and I cannot afford to replace them with such high quality parts otherwise.
I want Corsair Force GT because I don't want to waste my valuable times staring at the monitor and waiting for the the damm windows to boot up.
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I've been eyeing SSD's and was waiting for the firmware dust to settle on the latest gen hardware. I need one for use as an OS and apps drive and Corsair are getting good reviews on these units. All my other Corsair stuff is top notch and if I get my hands on one of these I'm sure I'd have no problems recommending them to friends and clients. 120GB was my target size but 180GB would be even better !
I need a corsair SSD because I have never used a SSD before, and it would be great to have one. (I've also never won a giveaway either (crosses fingers....)
Because it'll be a long time before I can justify the purchase of a SSD on my current budget, would like the opportunity to experience one.
I need a Corsair SSD so that I can install it in the new LGA2011 build I'm hoping I'll get to purchase come November 15th. I'll be using a Corsair AX1200 PSU and Corsair RAM and it would be great to have a bleeding fast Corsair Force Series GT 180GB SSD to install on that new X79 motherboard. Corsair is one of the best in the business when it comes to high quality products and service.
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Would be a good speed increase for loading games.
I need a Corsair SSD in my rig because Corsair means quality matched with amazing customer service, their products belong in everyones rig.
My current system consists of many Corsair products. I am currently using two Intel X25m 3Gb/s SSDs in RAID0. I am not entirely happy with my current SSD setup when I bench test against my friend's Corsair SSD configuration. Even if I am not chosen for this contest I would probably buy one on my own and use my current SSDs to make a quiet HTPC. I have been a loyal Corsair fan for many years now. Here is a list of my Corsair components on my current setup:

Corsair 650D case
Corsair HX850 power supply
Corsair H50 cooler
Corsair Vengeance 16gb DDR3 memory

I know this is my first post but I would like to thank Corsair and [H] for hosting this giveaway. Good luck to all entries!
Corsair=awesome quality.
Oh please oh please don't make me get a shady OCZ SSD with quality-control issues...
It would look so sexy in my Obsidian 650D.. My first SSD!
I need this Corsair SSD because booting under 10 seconds should be standard these days -_-
I want Speed. I want Durability. I want Capacity. I want Trust. I want the Best. I want Corsair Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive to give me and my desktop all of the above!
I only recently built a new pc (using several Corsair products such as a power supply and Vengeance memory kit) as I badly needed an upgrade, but I could not decide on an SSD at the time, so this would complete my new rig very nicely.
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