Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

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The 500GB drive in my wife's laptop occasionally locks up with a rather scary clicking noise. And it's slow. An SSD would be perfect for that machine.
This Contest is god like. SSD's aren't cheap! I'm trying to put a new rig together in place of my aging pc. good luck to everyone!
Because I need to upgrade my 64gb Corsair.

I love SSD. I love Corsair. I love upgrading.

One of the year's biggest no-brainers.
you finally made me register after 3 years of lurking. I need this drive for a new build, i am attempting to get OS plus BF3 on a single ssd drive for best player experience.

back to lurking
I leave for basic training in a coupla months and would like one to rebuild my wife's computer before I go.
I'm running a force 120 for my main drive, very happy with it - but would love to have 2 for vid edit chores..
I would like a Corsair SSD because I'm too poor to afford one and I think my HDD is going out anyway. Also, I like Corsair. I've used their products in the past several times with good outcomes...

Also thank you [H]ard for these opportunities as well!

I need a Corsair SSD in my rig because I haven't been able to upgrade in about 3 years...
I need a Corsair SSD because I was an earlier adopter of another brand and now need something faster and more reliable. ;)
I have several Corsair products in my box,16gb ram,H80 water cooling, AX 1200 power supply now I need the SSD to top it off for my boot drive! I really like Corsair they make really Great Products!
I need a Corsair SSD in my rig so I can experience the amazing game load times SSD's are famous for.
I already have not one, but TWO Corsair SSD's in my current rig. As awesome as they are, this drive would blow them away. By using the latest generation of Sand Force controllers and synchronous ram these are faster than my drives in RAID 0 and much less hassle.
I need one so that I can build a new gaming computer and turn my current one (minus the 800D) into a dedicated server. I've really enjoyed every other Corsair product I've purchased and I don't see why an SSD would be any different!
I would love to demote my SATA drives to data/archive by getting such a sweet SSD like these beautiful Corsair units...soo juicy...
Because my brother and mother already have an SSD...and I'm supposed to be the tech enthusiast?!
I need this Corsair SSD to match my Corsair Case, Corsair Ram, Corsair Power Supply, Corsair CPU Cooler, and my pair of Corsair Underwear if they made it.
I need a Corsair SSD to be my first SSD and to help solidify the Corsair theme I want my computer to have. My eventual plan is to have every applicable Corsair product possible in my computer (Case/PSU/RAM/SSD/CPU cooler/Keyboard/Mouse/Speakers/Headset).
With my kids getting older, and one now has a gaming machine of his own, I'm strapped for cash for any cool upgrades in my own machine. Dad's in need of some SSD speed! :D
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