Corsair Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System Drawing

I love Corsair! Out of all their products I own (multiple power supplies in various rigs, RAM, a case) they are all top of the line, and have never failed. I would absolutely adore a 2.1 sound system from one of my favorite tech companies! :D
Not sure if I want to spend the $250 on these bad boys, but I wouldn't argue with FREE.

(Note that they aren't worth the $250 asking price, but I can't afford them at the moment)
I want the Corsair Gaming Audio Series because I "Desire Sagacious Aim Rig"

I suck at anagrams
Corsair. To sum it all up has been great with customer service, so I hear. Makes great products so that I do not have to find out about customer service. I would love to add a set of Corsair speakers to the machine that I show off.

Corsair 12GB RAM
Corsair 650D case
Corsair H60 h2o
I could use a simple set of 2.1's to use when i dont feel like being tethered to the headphones. Count me in and i'll give 'em a try.
I love Corsair's. They were one of the best planes of WWII and I don't mind the fact that some electronic company stole their name.

They can pay off that by sending me free speakers.
Never used Corsair speakers (I usually use headphones anyways), but cant say I'd mind trying some!
I'll always sail with Corsair... They're basically like this:


But for my computer!!!

With moRE LAZER!!!
I would love a great set of speakers like this so I don't have to play Dragon Age 2 off my laptop speakers!
What's a speaker? That thing that goes beep beep now and again? Yeah, I need more of those!
Need some cosair speakers to make my wife bitch about