Corsair CX650M install. Use 1 pci express cable or 2?


Jan 4, 2009
so I'm installing a new power supply after my thermaltake one died. On that one I had a single wire that went to the pci express power ports on my video card and then an adapter for a second connection to dual powered video cards.

The CX650M is modular so I'd like to keep cabling to a minimum. It's a dual PCI express power card. Do I need to run two cables from the 8 pin power supply (it has two outputs that each have a double connecter end) I can run a single cable as these cables each have a dual connecters, or i can run two cables and connect one to each. Since this is a single rail power supply does it matter?
You can use a single cable and plug in both connectors to the card with no problems, they're designed just for that purpose.
If the cable has two connectors, of course you can use these. In these cases it's the connectors that are the weak link, the cables themselves are designed to carry the "double" load :) . We assume the connectors at PSU's side are strong enough for that too.