Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

Corsair makes great equipment. I recommend Corsair to family and friends.
Awesome memory with incredible warranties, and badass power supplies, what's not to like? And every single one of my friends now uses a Corsair case for water-cooling.
Quality products, consistent reliability, proven customer support, and they stand behind their products.
I like that Corsair has a presence on this forum (and a few others I believe) and seems to have great customer service!
I like that cool swoop in the wings...

No wait...

I like the painless replacement you did on the one piece of bad memory I had.
i like corsairs warranties and the fact that out of the 10 or so corsair products i own not a single one of them has died!
I like that I have never known a bad corsair product. Despite this fact, they still invest a lot of money into providing excellent customer service. Now that Corsair has expanded into multiple markets (memory, power supplies, cases, audio, and cooling), the only way I can describe their niche is that they specialize in quality engineering and craftsmanship.
Overall quality products, and without the gaudy "bling" that lesser manufacturers seem to love.
I love the build quality and performance. Especially when it comes to my set of SP2500s.

The competitive pricing of Corsair memory and PSUs are also another thing I love. This is why my current rig has 4 different parts from Corsair.
I have always liked corsair memory and when I finally decided to by a quality Power supply I went corsair and never looked back.

Great Memory, Power supplies, cases, & water cooling, nuff said.
The fact that Corsair not only makes quality cases, but PSU's, Headphones, memory etc and each and every one of their products is top notch.

LOL if they made CPU's/GPUs we could have a 100% corsair system :)
Nice Barebones setups, Corsair makes some great Enthusiast class components.

PS. Since my birthday is 12/26/1966 it woudl also make a great present :)
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I like that they or at least representatives of the company are active on computer enthusiast sites like this one.. That sounds like something every company would do, but most don't..
Here's the TLDR version:

Corsair is the reason we take "extra features" for granted.

Or, maybe something like:

Corsair. Where "special" is just the "norm".

My original post was something like:

The name "Corsair" is normally associated with Pirates but its origin means "course", as in a journey.

While they may have branched out and diversified their lineup of products, I like to think they've never really waivered from the course the company originally set back in the mid 90's to provide kick-ass memory.

Build Quality is excellent, and has always been so.

Performance has been top notch for as long as I can remember.

Reliability? Unquestionable.

They never rest; they never stop innovating and improving.

They always pay attention to the little things other companies forget.

I don't buy parts and slap them together hoping everything works when I hit the button. I build a "system". I look at each piece of equipment individually to see not only how well it functions, but how well it functions with other pieces of equipment I'm considering. They do the same. With Corsair; It just works together like it should

I've seen posts on forums about how power supplies on the bottom of a case can't reach the 4/8pin 12v connector on the motherboard when you're routing cables cleanly. Corsair pays attention to this little detail and includes the extensions necessary to make the connection.

I've seen many posts about how people buy an SSD and then complain that their case, a $50 special including power supply, didn't include 2.5" drive mounts. Even in Corsair's value line, they remember the little things like this so they made their HDD mounts in the Carbide 400R work with both 3.5" and 2.5" drives.

They continually look for ways to innovate and improve. Look at the Corsair Link as an example. The entire system can be set up with performance profiles so your noisy, balls-to-the-wall benching system can be made nearly silent just by loading a new profile.

It's stuff like that which ensures I'm a repeat customer.
Love the quality of the products--you always know you're going to get something really nice that will last with Corsair
I Love their Cases!! I love their Memory! I love their Cooling Solutions!!! not so much the NOVA2 SSD as it bottlenecks too much..

overall! i ♥ Corsair!
Quailty products that last and never had to RMA a single item to them. MY PSU has lasted for years now and seen multiple builds.
WOW. Now that's a company worth standing by. Fantastic products match with great c/s. Put my vote in for manufacturer of the year.
I have corsair memory in my current build, it's always been fast and issue free. In my next build I am planning on putting a Corsair H100 cooler in whenever I get enough money for the whole system. I'd love to get a jumpstart on the set. :)

Corsair is a great brand, and I'm proud to have it in my machine.
Quality products backed by amazing customer service. Can't ask for much more.
Rock solid, high performance parts, with excellent customer service. Can you really ask for more?