Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

Corsair is just one of those companies where anyone asks 'Hey, what brand of (computer part) do you recommend'?, I always include Corsair, which goes to show the trust I have in them. Obviously, with every brand, there are hits and misses, but thankfully most of the time Corsair is a hit :)
Consistently high quality and performance across their entire product line, from coolers to RAM.
I have used Corsair products in most of my builds in the past 10 years. They present some of the best quality and attention to detail with their products. I mainly use the RAM, but the PSU's are outstanding and leave others in the dust.
Corsair only creates high quality products and nothing less. Couldn't ask for more. Fantastic products from a fantastic company.
Corsair makes quality products, I haven't lost one component from Corsair. Top Notch!

What comes to mind is excellent RAM and Cases. I own the best case in this world the Obsidian 800D!

Not a lot of people are aware that Corsair makes other great products such as PSU (4 lines Professional, Enthusiast and Gamer and Builder series). They also make SSD, Flash drives, audio, gaming peripherals.

Corsair customer support rocks, this is an area in which better marketign could improve the perception. Example.- Everyone knows that EVGA products (some of them) have a limited lifetime warranty and they stand behind it.

One way to improve the understanding of the product lines and service is to "host" knowledge parties, etc.

Take care enjoy the holidays
I lost count of how many sticks of corsair ram I've bought over the years. They are the pretty the standard I compare other ram makers to.
I finally was able to get a Corsair case(600t) because the 800D was just to big for my needs and I love it! It made for the cleanest looking case I have put together to date with minimal effort. After I built one for myself I talked my dad into upgrading his computer and built one for him. I heard the customer service is great but I dont know cause of all the memory and PSU's over the years I've had I have never had a problem!
Customer service, and: their products became reputable...
When you say Corsair, it usually means quality.
Corsair makes nice looking stuff and doesn't just release bullshit to be in a certain market.
Corsair is rock solid in everything they do.
Cases, PSU's, memory, SSD's, you name it, they ROCK it!
Corsair is a synonym for Trust!
Reliable, high quality. Always had good results with their memory and SSDs. Would love to try out the case and headsets.
I remember a time when Corsair only sold memory. The thing was, you could trust it absolutely. If I was building a machine for a gamer, for a business, for a friend, I never had to worry that the RAM would have issues, or even perform well- it always blew expectations out of the water. When I got into overclocking, it became even more apparent how incredible Corsair was. I've never had my memory have any problems, and since 2004 I have never bought anything but Corsair memory. As for the rest of their products- they are equally amazing, and I've never hesitated to buy them because aside from their obviously brilliant design, Corsair does something that is rare in this industry. They design for perfection rather than designing to just meet expectations.

And yes, I lurk. But I have lurked for so long now, I feel like I own part of the place.
Building one of these systems would give me something to do whilst I recover from my Christmas cold! -ugh

Love the Corsair...always at the top of the ratings heap over at the Egg.
I love Corsair because:
• top notch product reliability
• great customer service
• huge range of well designed products targeted towards enthusiasts
Corsair has the best customer service I have ever dealt with. The products are top quality while still priced extremely well for the market. Best company out there for sure!! It would be a dream to give one of these systems to my fiance for our anniversary. :)
corsair has something for every part, leaving only the choice of cpu/gpu platform
Reliable products (PSU, RAM, SSD), nice looking cases with competitive prices.

Merry Christmas everyone!
What I like about Corsair... EVERYTHING. Please stay the way you are right now Corsair. And go public on Nasdaq too maybe.
Corsair has great quality products at excellent prices with some of the best cusomer service around.
I've had many Corsair products over the years and I love them all. The only thing I'm using atm is an H50 though :(.
Corsair has made so many advances in manufacturing computer peripherals, they now stand out with their quality, engineering, and affordable pricing.

This... is what I like about Corsair products.
I've been using Corsair Memory since the days of SDRAM. I've never had a chip fail. I continue to use their RAM and have just gotten a couple of SSD's that I'll RAID. Let you know how that turns out.

- Quality
- Performance
- Balance of both with price

Hard to top that combination

Great service, Great support, Gear looking gear, Great Logo.... If is isn't Great then it most not be Corsair.