Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!


Some of the best made stuff I have used.

4/5 year old PSU still kicking after being hit w/ a surge that killed several other peripherals and a Linux PC.

RAM! 2nd to NONE. is 1st on my list when looking to get RAM.

I also have a hand full of 16GB USB flash drives that have served well (even after being wash AND dried!)

Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of using Case/SSD/etc, but I look forward to the day when I can call them my own. :)

The Quality of Corsair products has been increasing by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Sexy Design, Durable Builds, Great Prices. It's like a perfect partner, what more could you ask for? :cool:
Whats not to like. Quality products, Great pricing, Fantastic Tech Support, and they look good too! Current build includes Corsair case, power supply, memory, SSD"s, CPU Cooler, and headset, with all to be reused in next build!!!!
Coursair has great products form memory, SSDs, to power supplies. Thank you for teh opportunity to enter. Merry Chirstmas and a save a nd Happy New Year to all.

Corsair has sold and reliable products. When you do have to RMA something it is painless and quick. Cannot say that about to many companies.
I am a recently convert to corsair products. Everything I have of Corsair just exudes high quality. I will always use and recommend Corsair products to my friends. If I used these kinds of components at work we would definitely have the most dangerous Air Force in the world!
I love Corsair because of their quality, price, and service. Their attention to detail is superb.

FWIW - I think the 500 and the 600 are the best mid range cases on the market. It's hard to believe how much quality and value they squeeze into those price points.
Corsair power supplies have been a safe choice to reccomend to others. That alone is huge! :)
I remember when Corsair did only RAM and one of their employees, after a support phone call from me, literally hand picked some sticks for my successful drive to break 10k in 3dmark with a heavily-overclocked Athlon 1800, modded Radeon 8500 and, of course, overclocked and over-volted Corsair DIMMs. Those were the days. Since then Corsair has very gradually augmented their product line, making sure to do it right each time. Great products, great company.
I love how Corsair does its research first before bringing a new product to market. From their ram, cases and now the new keyboards and mice, all are engineered well. The support is also top notch. Thanks Corsair for listening to us!!
I've been buying Corsair products for many years because of their top notch quality, solid performance, good prices, and awesome customer service.

As an aside, it's great to see them branching out into some other lines of parts like cases and headphones (both of which I just bought).
Every damn thing with a "Corsair" on it I own.

Come on, man......I never win anything.:)
I like how both the 750W Corsair PSU I have in my secondary machine and my 850W in my primary both offer rock solid performance and were priced very reasonably.
I've always been a fan of Corsair's quality, in particularly when it comes to memory.
just got in a corsair SSD. Came with new firmware and it's incredibly quick.

Great cases. Great PSUs. Great memory
What I love about Corsair:

I have been using Corsair products for 8+ years now! I was ALWAYS a die hard Corsair memory fan and the one time one of my rigs had an issue they replaced the RAM ASAP and there customer service is the best there is in this industry!!! Rock on Corsair and please keep bringing awesome enthusiast products to market! :D

A nice Santa present from Corsair wouldn't hurt either :p
Corsair quality extends from their base price units to the top end, you can't go wrong with Corsair.
For toppers, their customer service is "best of the best" quality.
Fine products, fine service!
Corsair's memory is by far the best out there. Mix that with the awesome 800D case and you have a beast. I've always used corsair memory in almost all of my builds and in the past few years I've come to stand by the HX1000 power supply for most gaming system builds that aren't running 3+ graphics cards. I've received emails from RamGuy on the forums personally trying to help with SSD issues which isn't common from a manufacturer. All in all, I've had great experiences with Corsair and building computers, I'm sure to stand by them for the years to come.
what i love about corsair:

#1 Quality - top notch professional products, everything from ram to psu's to memory sticks (thumb drives).

#2 Price - great prices, what else can i say?

#3 customer service - the only time i had to return a stick of ram for an RMA it was handled quickly and professionally.
I've only ever abused Corsair's memory, but every module I've used is rock solid. Never once have I encountered a problem with it.

It would be fun to bang on some of their other stuff!
Corsair's products are built to last, and are backed by Corsair if something somehow goes wrong. Not to mention they actually listen to their customer base to find out what they want in their products. My next SSD will be a Corsair hands down for these reasons alone.
I love the variety of produnts that Corsair offers for such affordable prices!