Coolmax 700w PSU

Silverstone TJ-06.
Asus P5N-E SLI
Core 2 Duo E6600 OC'ed to 3.0GHz.
Zalman 9700
eVGA 7600GT
Seagate 320GB HD
2 GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800.
2 Roswill SATA-to-IDE so I can use my 2 current HDs.
2 DVD drives that are coming from my current PC.
check out the Tagan than...
Seems like people here seem not to like the CoolMax. I have bought over 50 of them for my shop and never had a failure. I use Silverstone and FSP as well.
Pass on tagan. Better options, like the Corsair HX 620.

Coolmax is ATNG; Better than deer, but nowhere near top end.
sld72382 said:
That's why I want a 600-700w PSU, so I have headroom.
You abolutely don't need 700W supply, no way you're gonna need that kind of headroom. 700W is enough for QE6800, 8GB ram, 2x8800GTX SLI and 6-7 hard disks, several optical drives, plus various USB peripherals. I seriously doubt you'll ever need it.

For your current rig Seasonic S12 380W is just fine, and it leaves headroom for additional optical drives, hard disks and memory upgrade (probably even processor and graphic card upgrade).

Take either Seasonic S12 500W or 600W (although 500W is more than enough, even taking eventual future upgrades into account), or Corsair HX 520W or Corsair HX 620W (if you want modular supply). Both are made by Seasonic, and are excellent power supply, very powerful and stable, plus they are very quiet.
Agree on giving the Tagans a miss.
I have had 3 of them.
530W-U22 - bought july/05 RMA'd sept/05 - it died and requested the 530W Easy con replacement.
That died and RMA'd in march/06.
I just RMA'd the replacement in nov/06 as nudging the power connector into the PSU would make it shut down.
Come to think of it, I think the dodgy power plug into the PSU applied to both the Easycons. They were pushed in as far as they would go, but I don't think the recess is deep enough or tight enough to securely hold in the plug.
On all units I would get game crashes and bsod's.
I have since bought the HX620 and hey presto, no games crash, no bsod's etc.
Good choice methinks....:D
Uh.. Sirtec isn't a big step over ATNG. I'd pass on it, still. Besides, at that price, you can get a real power supply, that all the big boys use.
get it, it is nice finish and very stable to use. I don't know why this is compare with ATNG, bec. it is not . it is made by Sirtek, check Lian Li psu, it's the same thing, and cheaper.
i got this and the 1000w, they work very good and quiet.

I wasn't aware Lian-Li was a PSU vendor. Link please? They work good and quiet. It works, doesn't mean it's working good and quiet at 1000W. :eek:

That's expensive for a Sirtech build.

You don't need 700W... even with a plan for overhead.

I'd say look at a good quality 500W to 650W.