Cooling problems on PNY GTX570


Jan 3, 2012
just bought one of these... before reading the reviews. (I haven't received it yet, BTW, so only going by stuff online)

then I read this (which brought me here today)

and mine does look like this:

Not like this:

though if you look at the newegg pictures:
it shows two cards in the expanded photos. The right one (fan on top) and the wrong one (fan at the back)

Either way, a lot of the NewEgg reviews say stuff like "runs way to hot", "crashing from heat", etc...

They all blamed it on the 'non-reference' design (which was argued in the Hardforum link here before being shut down

In that thread, you guys mentioned that the EVGA GTX 570 HD has the same cooling system:

and I didn't see anyone complaining that it catches fire or runs way too hot or anything.

One thing I like about this HD one is that it's not as long as the regular ones.

So, I figured... ok, well if it's the heatsink fan that causes it to overheat, why not get a cooler for it?

Is there a cooler for the 'non-reference' design?
Someone mentioned the GTX 570 HD is the same PCB and coolers as the 560ti

Zalman states 'reference card only' and they don't have a 560ti cooler, only 570/580/590.

I'm not planning on overclocking it at all... not even a bit.

Should I be worried?
I've had this card for almost a year.... I just now thought about looking this up and thinking it was just cause of my old case had bad airflow. Come to find out, it's the crappy cooler on after getting a new case and new heat sink for my CPU. I can't wait to dump this off for a 660ti when they come out. Hopefully this will be soon, this explains a lot of things that happen with my system now.
Is it an option to blow out the dust, remove the fan / heatsink assembly and reapply paste?

Just saying that may make a huge difference.
so, I've had it running some heavy duty stuff (BattleField3 on Ultra) and the only thing I've done is set the fan to run constantly at 100% (it's a bit loud, mind you, but I wear headphones)

at worst, I see 82°C (strangely on that 'your team won/lost' screen...)
During gameplay, it rarely gets above 80°C

I'm just glad I have a lifetime warranty.